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MCE123 - Technology Development

Total Keyword Usage Statistics Software

This technology breaks down the number of times all keywords are used, based on sources, groups of sources, types of sources, authors and contributing editors, dates and times, and other categories, to show demographics based on linguistics over a timeframe and the geographical area of the linguistics through the display of maps. This is based on Press articles, blogs, and other online sources, including search results. The sources are checked for relevancy, and the relevancy is displayed in shades of color.

A translation and linguistics program determines what various words correlate to the keywords used. A linguistics study program correlates patterns of words, dates and times, and other attributes to build a chart that shows how the various sources link back to past sources of information. For authors and contributing editors, the software is able to run checks on all of the stories ever written by each, and determine statistics based on the keywords, such as if there were any correlations to other stories that would have led readers to follow other stories based on a linguistic re-direct, and what the linguistic ramifications were of that re-direct. The software prepares reports based on all of the authors and editors at each media source, and creates reports based on keyword usage during the timeframes, to determine if there were any linguistic similarities based on proximity of authors and contributing editors to other authors and contributing editors, and determine the organizational patterns of such occurrences. This can be verified through running similar studies through another story that has similar correlations of authors and contributing editors. All of these statistics are then used to build a baseline of what already occurred, and the software provides recommendations of linguistic patterns based on an organized multi-compartment re-direct campaign that takes all of the characteristics of the past linguistics and covers them with new linguistics that are unique to a very specific positive message.

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