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MCE123 - Technology Development

Inventions Safety, Malfunctions, Tech Destruction

This pertains to the studies of technologies and past safety issues, histories of malfunctions, inoperable technologies, and destroyed technologies. This program pertains to the studies of all of the various sciences, causes, and motives of technologies that have broken, incurred destruction, and/or have stopped operating normally. This program also pertains to the development of a data structure and operational structure that can generate all possibilities of a specific technology in any way being a safety issue, malfunctioning, no longer operating normally, and all of the possible ways that a specific technology can be destroyed. The data is rated based on organizational structure and probability, and the purpose of the program is to improve the quality of technology. The program includes a scientific process of at a beginning level taking technology that is already broken and rating how many different ways the scientist is able to cause further damage to the technology, and at an advanced level the scientist is able to study new technologies, take the technology apart and determine all of the ways the components are capable of being damaged, study the logical parts of the technology and determine all of the ways that the technology can be destroyed, malfunction, and have safety issues, and after developing a thesis of the total inhalation of the specific technology – conduct experiments to prove / disprove components of the thesis. All of the information is used to improve technological development, through the development of a standards computerized system within another department of the program, that determines based on the ways that technology is destroyed – how to improve the engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing processes of technologies to stop possibilities of technologies being destroyed under such instances. This process of improving technologies yields new inventions that pertain to improving technology through the improved materials and technologies that make up the technological inventions themselves.

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