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USIC AI Intelligence Monitoring System

The purpose of this system is to monitor the intelligence factors associated with many identifiable surveillance targets, such as tracking their daily activities, and accurately detecting trends that could indicate that the individual(s) have the intention to commit crimes, or otherwise do harm towards other persons, or materials, or systems.

The surveillance aspect of the systems should cumulative and incidentally monitor subjects, both on a strategic and tactical basis, to avoid allowing the individuals to slip out of the system, and to alert authorities of any impending or probable incidents.

This system could replace the need to have approximately 8 agents monitoring a single subject 24/7, per subject, not by de-employing the agents, but by more accurately applying resources to monitor all subjects that need to be monitored with a reduced level or number of active agents than what would be required to monitor all the subjects.

This system would use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the monitoring processes, using electronic systems such as drones, satellites, and existing telecommunications infrastructure, to accurately gather all relevant intelligence relating to each of the subjects, and determine their associates, and their potential threats, and monitor for any activities that indicate threats or activities that would suggest they are willing to take action on any threats, even if they haven’t in the past.

This system would be applicable to tracking and identifying potential terrorists, criminals, and hackers. The system would compile probable decisions that may be made by the subjects, such as acting out on their threats, through tactical surveillance that develops an active profile of the intelligence factor of the subject, to determine if they are an immediate threat, and if so, dispatch any applicable resources to deal with containing, while hopefully preventing the threat.

If Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be foreseen to cause damages towards humanity, surely it can be controlled to make correct assessments towards potential threats, and deploy resources to deal with such threats before they occur. With intelligence communities around the world having their resources stretched thin to monitor all the potential criminals, terrorists, and hackers – including cyber criminals, it is no wonder we can come up with such an idea.

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