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MCE123 - Technology Development

International Attorney Component

This technology pertains to the detection and monitoring of international attorneys, for the purpose of ensuring that the activities are lawful, and that the activities are not overpowering of persons at less of an advantage.

Possible uses of International Attorneys could potentially include the ability to undermine multiple legal systems, organized uses of International Attorneys to cause organized and systematic activities in multiple nations, abilities to find multiple weaknesses in multiple jurisdictions, and abilities to develop defenses based on contingencies and other forms of taking control without establishing any business, while the activities could be legal in one jurisdiction and then overruled by another, and increase conflicts that would normally stay minimized.

National Security Law – Concepts of Hedging Minimization

This concept would pertain to the minimization of minimization, such that there is a contingency placed on a contingency, and the International Attorney attempts to undermine a domestic contingency with a foreign contingency.

Foreign Accesses of Records – Violations of Domestic Privacy through Foreign Laws

This concept would pertain to the differences that occur between various laws in domestic and foreign national security agencies. These often lead to competition, while the laws are very similar, and the issues pertain to protecting intellectual property to ensure the intellectual property cannot be discovered by foreign governments.

Foreign-Domestic Perimeter and Domestic-Foreign Perimeter

These concepts pertain to the use of a perimeter to manage what information can be accessed internally to externally, and externally to internally. The purpose is to ensure that foreign access to domestic records does not exceed the security authorization that should be needed for such access, and that domestic access by foreign attorneys does not exceed the legal necessity, such that the legal system cannot be used for espionage purposes.

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