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MCE123 - Technology Development

Carbon Capture Drones

This technology pertains to drones that would be combined with carbon capture technology, to collect carbon from the atmosphere and bring it back down to the surface of the planet. The drones would fly up into the atmosphere and capture carbon into canisters, and then bring the canisters back down to the ground where the carbon can be transferred into either carbon storage, or used as fuel such as for electricity generation. The drones would be charged with lithium ion batteries, which would last for thousands of charges, and the electricity source could be solar, or wind powered, so the drones would not make any additional pollution in the atmosphere.

These drones would go up into the atmosphere, collect the carbon using air scrubbing technology, and bring it back down for it to be transferred into carbon storage, such as injecting it into rocks below the surface. The technology for this concept already exists. If we had the capital to build the technology, we could be the only company doing this type of work that would ultimately save our environment for future generations to come.

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