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AI That Helps You Choose Print Options

AI shouldn’t just be for social engineering and data analytics – it should also be applied to simple applications, like how you would like to print something – including the number of copies, the print size, the media (what type of paper or other medium to print on), as well as other options. If you’re like us, and you have multiple printers – yea, we have like 4 printers in our small office space, and we use all of them for different reasons. It’s probably not necessary, but hey, when you’re a leading marketing research firm, you need to be able to demo different outputs. We’ve even thought about getting 3d printers here as well. Regardless of what type of printer(s) you or your organization uses, you need to have an intelligent system to delegate large print jobs, in addition to smaller print jobs. We’re all for the print job that just magically develops jet engines and flies its way onto our desks – you never know. But for regular purposes, we think that the printers developed by HP, Canon, Epson, and other brands are just way too stupid. You must tell the printer EXACTLY what you want – it’s like telling a 3-year-old to clean their room. It’s just not happening. So, yea, we’d like to see AI developed for printing networks for businesses, and even for home applications. Printers that just print regardless of what you’re doing, and you don’t have to select Tray 2 when you want Large Format, because the printer just KNOWS what size you want to print at, based on the size of your artwork, and it just automatically selects which tray it needs to use based on what it thinks is best. And for experts, sure, we can have more options to select – but let’s take the stupidity out of printing. It’s wasting our time here at MCE123. We strive to design technologies that break through barriers, and really impresses us. Larger, much-much larger ink cartridges, and printers with solid state hard drives in them, so they can do the rendering to any size you need right inside the printer. We’re talking Printers with interactive websites that just streamline your prints the way you’d like them – not on a tiny 3” x 5” screen, but on your full-sized computer monitor, so you can just boogie and go to town. And we’d not only like a free set of ink cartridges – WE WANT THE XL’s – YOU CHEAP BASTARDS!!! GIVE US XL CARTRIDGES for STARTERS!!! 5 Year Standard Warranties with Parts and Labor included! Let’s design some nice, efficient, not so expensive but nice printers. That’s what we’re talking about!

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