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MCE123 - Technology Development

Microsoft Office AI Naming, Creation of Files

There should be options to automatically format procedures in Word and other Office programs, such as automatically naming files in specific patterns, such as yyyy-mm-dd MCE123 (Department Name – as indicated by File Type) – (Name of file – as indicated by Line 3).

We are paying so much for Office, that these types of intelligence operations should be automatic – the system should learn what types of protocols are used in naming conventions, and document formats, by deep learning processes that learn from past documents that have been created using the user account.

The system should also provide content tips, such as inserting facts and other types of information, such as ready-made charts with data from the Internet from standardized sources, and the ability to attach applications to Office documents as compiled code – that is safe and trusted on any computer, but allows the integration of trusted apps with specific Office procedures, such as filling in forms on a user’s computer for gathering information for a website, and other types of application controls or database access controls.

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