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Microsoft Software Updates

There’s something new about Microsoft Word’s grammar correction, only for the past couple of days. It’s very irritating to me. It’s messing up what I’m saying. It’s like it’s doing it so that it makes sense for someone else who is reading it – to simplify the sentences. I hate this. There should not be a censor of grammar so it’s easier for someone else to read it when it’s translated. The translated reader should work on the translation so it makes more sense in the format of the original sentence, in the grammar of their language.

It also doesn’t make any sense to pop up a hidden dialogue box in Internet Explorer, when a command is given from a right click to close all hidden windows. Either it needs to display the dialogue box in the foreground, or it needs to just close the windows, based on the setting of the user when they select not to show the dialogue box anymore. Also, it doesn’t make any sense to pop up two or three or more dialogue boxes asking if it’s ok to close all windows or tabs, when a close all command is given from the right click menu, when all windows are minimized or hidden – because one dialogue box should be able to control all the hidden windows if the one command is given in the right click menu of the program. If you’re giving a command to close all windows of a specific program, it should affect ALL WINDOWS of that program, and not some of them maybe yes, some of them maybe no, based on how you opened them. Or there should be an option that a right click -> close all windows of a specific program: closes all, or closes them by groups, based on the user’s setting.

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