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MCE123 - Technology Development

Microsoft System that Automates Systematic Improvements

There should be a system designed by Microsoft, that basically takes intelligence from people who can’t speak for themselves, because they have lost their ‘voice’, and basically translate all their demands into prioritized lists, so that all the issues with their software and other issues are resolved. Basically, this frees up people to work on development – by taking the surveillance tasks and converting the intelligence into actionable intelligence – that way the people that use it know how to program the systems that they use, whether it be in Government, or in the Private Industry, or elsewhere.

So, the system would take the surveillance information, and basically automatically generate ideas for new products and systems off the intelligence that’s gathered. That way inventors can just write out their ideas, instead of having to work a lifetime just to afford to be able to design a system, and then they don’t have the business mind to pursue building it. Then the inventors can either seek legal suits to define that the invention(s) are theirs, or they can enter the industry with inside knowledge about how the systems work, or they can just do nothing – but it gives them more options.

Surveillance à AI Systems That Convert Surveillance into Application Domain Intelligence


AI Systems Intelligence à Automated Creation of Templates and Coding Platforms

  • For Computer Programs

  • For Systems Design

  • For Application Design

  • For Platform Design

AI Systems Intelligence à Engineering Templates and Platforms

  • For Engineering Devices and Technologies

  • For Engineering Systems and Technologies

AI Systems Intelligence à Legal Systems Integrations and Policy Changes

  • For Integrating Intelligence Research into Government

    • At Specified Levels

    • At Automated Levels

    • To Enforce Limitations

  • For Systematic Awareness

AI Systems Intelligence à Manufacturing / Prototyping

  • For Prototyping Software, Systems, and Technologies

AI Systems Intelligence à Marketing Automation / Campaign Launching

  • For Launching Inspiring Marketing Campaigns from Intelligence

AI Systems Intelligence à Inter-Departmental Changes to Government Entities

  • To Aide in the Election of Others

  • To Aide in the Election of Self

  • To Integrate Persons with Their Government

AI Systems Intelligence à Automated Patent Filing Systems

  • Securing Ideas Before Foreign Counterparts Obtain Knowledge

  • Securing Ideas Before Competition Obtains Knowledge

AI Systems Intelligence à Automated Verification of Intelligence

  • For Automated Analysis, Situational Awareness, Developmental Activities, Improvement of Psychology, Improvement of Intelligence Sources and Methods

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