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MCE123 - Technology Development

Just-In-Time Global Economy System

This technology pertains to a just-in-time system for the global economy that matches the supplies and demands on an automatic time duration reduction algorithm that reduces the overall amount of time that products and services are available and not used. This system includes the just-in-time production, manufacturing, assembly, refining, and mining. This system integrates with just-in-time hiring that works with an automated hiring system that pulls up resumes and determines the most qualified applicant based on the entire pool of applicants and hires the applicant to begin work immediately or at some time in the very near future at the earliest convenience of the worker within a limited amount of time. The just-in-time availability of a worker would be a selection option based on their availability status for work. This system would reduce the overall amount of time that is wasted through the stockpiling of large quantities of resources, parts, products, and resumes, and combine the increased market demand with increased efficiency of utilization of all of the components of products and services within close amounts of time, such that time is not wasted waiting for the availability and completion prior to the demand, and that the supply is just-in-time through the intelligent reduction of the inefficiencies in-between the phases of product and service creation.

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