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MCE123 - Technology Development

Economic Market Segment Phase Alignment Computation System

This system has the ability to align the phases in various industry market segments through determining the interrelationships of the various markets, the phases of product and service development, the needs of investment, the supply and demand quantity and timing, and the ability to match the future supply and demand to the present needs of investment, such that the future supply and demand is already calculated with the phase alignments, and the economic activity of all industries and companies focuses on the all-at-once economic activity rather than a one-by-one type of economic activity. The reasoning is that because of the multiple types of inputs that are needed to start new businesses, and even operate businesses, there are significant amounts of investments needed prior to the availability of new products and services, and the demands from new start-up businesses creates business for the existing businesses. The development of products requires raw materials, and there are phases of the conversion of the raw materials into the usable materials, the use of the materials to create the products, the packaging and marketing, and the availability. There are similar phases with services, including the training and education, the development of internal intellectual property, and there are product needs for the service market. All of the phases of development would improve when all of the phases are calculated based on the times that the various phases occur, such as aligning the demand from refining to the supply of mining, and the demand from manufacturing to the supply of refining. Similar types of phase alignments with training and education ensures that the goals of the services are met, and that the services are available when needed. This model of phase alignments through the calculations of the timeframes would improve the overall economy, through the increased volume of monetary trade, since the exchange of money would be closer together to the needs of the industries, rather than companies developing large stockpiles of cash that is never used. The purpose of the phase alignments of the industry segments is that the capabilities of the economy begin to move so close together that there would be no need for money for people to accomplish and obtain their needs, because the costs of all products and services would decrease significantly due to improvements in timing of providing higher quantities of products and services, and due to the higher competition the ability for horizontal and vertical markets on the services industry, such that the less complex work can be completed by less experienced workers, while the workers with greater experience are able to move upwards and improve the products and services of the industry through their knowledge and experience.

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