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Detected Vehicle Linguistic Background Linguistic Check System

This technology pertains to the system check of SIGINT within the Intelligence Community to determine if there is a correlation of vehicle linguistic movements to other linguistics, such as organized national security contingencies, organized business activities that are based on extortion through the vehicle movements, organized vehicle movements that are planned for purposes that are unlawful such as attempts to extort law enforcement and/or the military, and a probability check to determine what the correlation would be based on a percentage of the vehicle movement being a direct correlation to a national security contingency threat. This system would be able to build profiles based on the vehicle movements, such as identifying if the vehicle movements are re-occurring, part of a larger organization of vehicle movements, if there has been any communication regarding the vehicle movements with other persons such as uses of telephones, e-mail, and/or visitations with such persons that correlate to multiple vehicle movements that all correlate to national security contingency threats, and also the ability to determine what vehicle(s) and person(s) are being targeted by the linguistic movement of vehicles in the proximity. This technology would be able to build a background and determine if there is a necessity based on the threat type(s) of the linguistic targeting to keep the vehicle(s) away from protected area(s), to dispatch police and/or metropolitan to pull the vehicle linguistics over and/or based on the characteristics of the specific vehicle(s) determine what the best characteristics of the activities would be – such as pulling over the specific vehicle(s) that are conducting the linguistics targeting and where / when to conduct such pulling over of such vehicles, such as determining a dispatch target(s) on a back road based on identified satellite intelligence that was based on selecting the target(s) and monitoring for a date and time that the vehicle(s) violated speeding laws such as +10 to +15 over the speed limit on a back road, such that the targeting is based on identification of multiple violations detected of the linguistic movement of vehicle(s) from satellite surveillance including targeting other vehicle(s) with the background and the speeding that was detected based on the satellite surveillance that was legally established due to the linguistic movement of vehicle(s) having been detected previously, and then the HUMINT based police vehicle dispatch is set to detect a violation by the vehicle(s) such as speeding +10 to +15 over the speed limit, such that if the linguistic movement of vehicle(s) is in violation of other laws then the driver(s) are likely to violate other law(s) such as the speed limit, and the surveillance monitoring is able to monitor rather that put a monitoring responsibility on the police department(s). This type of a system would involve FBI, DHS, NSA, and NGO to ensure all of the configurations are legal, such that the system needs to be able to ensure that the vehicle(s) that are being targeted by the vehicle movement linguistic(s) are not grouped together with the other vehicle(s), such as undercover, administration, policy workers, and other types of officials are not targeted by the system. There is no ‘guilty by association’ of vehicles in the proximity of a target, such that the target vehicle of third party vehicle linguistic movements does not establish a legal relationship between the target vehicle and the third party activities. If there was no organization of the vehicle(s) authorized in the direct communication and/or the direct implied communication, such that the target vehicle(s) reasonably had complete control of the advance planning of the exact vehicle(s) that conducted the linguistic vehicle movement(s), then the target vehicle may have been a target of the linguistic vehicle movement(s) based on third party story creation and/or third party political targeting. If the third party activities have any correlation to psychological data obtained from geospatial psychological satellite surveillance, and there was no intention of the specific vehicle(s) moving in the exact specifics of the data and there was reasonable advance planning of the exact movement(s) verified by multiple forms of planning, then there was no authorization for such movement(s), and issue(s) relating to third parties conducting investigations and/or extortions based on obtaining geospatial psychological satellite surveillance data may indicate a potential third party violation of Constitutional Law, because if there was no specific authorization for the specific vehicle movement(s), such that the vehicle(s) were not authorized vehicle(s), then there was no authorization, and any uses of grid-based vehicle dispatch from a psychological channel must occur with either the requirement of active law enforcement / military law enforcement management and background knowledge, experience, and reasoning that substantiates the use of such abilities – such as active SCI clearance through military intelligence jurisdiction, or an emergency that individual(s) are detected as needing help that absolutely needs law enforcement, EMS, and/or fire department attention and the individual(s) are unable to use the phone due to the emergency – and such emergencies may also warrant the utilization of the electronics in phone(s) in proximity to communicate with the individual(s) on an emergency basis, such as the activation of the speaker phone if the phone cannot be physically reached for at the time of the emergency.

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