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Different Types of Programming Languages and Platforms

Different Types of Programming Languages and Platforms

This invention concept pertains to creating new types of interfaces in which people and computers can generate computer code that can then be run, without there being any errors in the program. Examples of these different types of programming languages and platforms include:

  • Voice Recognition that extrapolates to Computer Code

    • Low-level concept would be the typing of the exact code as it is said, along with actions such as jumping to another part of the code.

    • High-level concept would be the conversion of logical statements or problem statements inputted into the computer, that then outputs clean code corresponding to those semantics in the logical statements

  • Hand Gesture Recognition that extrapolates to Computer Code – this would be a visual type of Artificial Intelligence which can receive commands based on movements of the hand or other parts of the body to write computer code.

  • Writing Recognition that extrapolates to Computer Code – this would be a system that can detect what you are writing on a tablet or paper, or a computer tablet, or a touch screen on a computer, that would then translate those strokes into code that can be run on the computer

  • Brain-to-Computer Interface (BCI) that extrapolates to Computer Code – this technology pertains to a brain-to-computer interface that can read your active thoughts and publish them in computer code that is based on a detected problem statement or purely functional authoring of code with brainwaves.

  • Internet Input that extrapolates into Computer Code – this could pertain to a security program, that automatically traces all of the steps of all visitors that are flagged for abuse or otherwise have broken the agreement of the website that gathers the information, such as for the purpose of writing code in real time that updates to the needs to protect from active hacking attacks.

  • Visual Computing that extrapolates into Computer Code based on a series of images that may be gathered from the Internet or otherwise – this technology could be used for self-driving cars, for an instance. The use of a main server to study all video that is captured from the self-driving cars, could lead to the generation of computer code, or modifications to computer code, based on the imagery data that has been captured by any type of vehicle, such as for the purpose of studying accidents to determine how to prevent them in the future.

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