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MCE123 - Technology Development

Improvements to HP Printers

Using the x576dw, we have noticed that there are some problems with it that could be worked out in future versions of the line of printers, or though software updates, such as:

  • Correct issue of Printer not powering on, and displaying an Amber light when the power button is pressed, usually after the printer freezes or needs to be turned off because of it going on Offline mode to the connected network, and/or because a print job fails.
  • Ability to remotely access the printer's memory, to see past print jobs.
  • Have a hard drive in the printer that stores all past print jobs, allowing the enterprise to queue up another print job by also having the ability to edit it on the printer or on the computer.
  • Issue of USB port taking an extremely long time to recognize it by the printer.
  • Poor calculations of remaining ink.
  • Issues of the printer cleaning its self in hours that are defined as off hours - it is undetermined if the cleaning is necessary to maintain the printer, or if the cleaning could wait until a future period, such as using a special type of rubbing alcohol to clean and maintain the print heads later. The rubbing alcohol could be refilled.
  • The exit door that is meant to keep dust out of the inside of the printer when it isn't printing sometimes doesn't open all the way, or can make a weird noise, like a spring twisting, and the door doesn't open all of the way.
  • It doesn't staple, 3-hole punch, or have an extra tray that could be used to separate different prints with colored paper that can be inserted as a divider page.

Issues that could be corrected for the HP PageWide 7740 Printer:

  • It doesn't scan large format media without manually selecting it. This is a cumbersome process.
  • The automatic document feeder doesn't scan wide format media.
  • It doesn't copy large format without specifically specifying it, or it may not support the copying of large format media.

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