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Processes Used to Detect Telepathic Surveillance

There are a number of ways to detect telepathic surveillance without a direct technological link to the satellite system. This would require an establishment that there was a technological link to the satellite system at the time of the study. This process includes the differentiation of echo feedbacks that can be determined through a number of different channels, such as echo feedback in the Press from a foreign nation. Because of the way that all of the intelligence communities gather the same types of surveillance, even the use of a regular satellite by a foreign government would have the ability to produce a cancelling echo of the telepathic surveillance echo of another. Depending upon how the security credentials of the individual are established, it may take longer for an individual with a SCI clearance to determine, while not necessarily. The easiest echo to see is the echo from a foreign nation, because this echo detection can lead to an enormous amount of information discoveries that show a very clear differentiation between regular satellite studies and telepathic satellite studies. It may be possible to understand what an individual in a foreign nation is thinking, through echo studies and linguistic studies and a process of isolating self thoughts that have a very clear correlation to the same types of echo, linguistic, and thought isolation studies from the individual in the foreign nation. These types of direct studies should be done only in very careful ways, in support of a long-term dialogue, because there is a possibility that the individual in the foreign nation could develop the ability to read your mind telepathically if the study is conducted correctly. There is a possibility for a counter-intelligence study that could improve the security of the telepathic surveillance, while this study would need to be monitored through multiple data sets to determine ways to securitize the telepathic surveillance, and the study could lead to both a device that shields thoughts from geospatial detection and an improved training method for blocking thoughts from being detected, such as using the subconscious mind to process intelligence while the conscience mind is only responsive and operational. Any major study into telepathy would need to include multiple studies, including sleep studies, and the purpose is to determine how telepathy affects surroundings without the telepathic surveillance, in addition to how the telepathic surveillance directs the telepathic signals at a higher strength.

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