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Geospatial Vehicle Monitoring System

This technology pertains to monitoring all vehicles in a proximity to a secured facility, such as a mining facility, to ensure that the vehicles are cleared to be in the area. This system would keep license plate records, read from an angle of the geospatial emitter, to verify the vehicle with the driver. This system would be able to monitor the driving characteristics of the driver, such as determining whether or not a security check should be initiated once the driver enters the facility. The information regarding approaching vehicles would be displayed at the guard tower. If the vehicle is not authorized to be in the area, security vehicles would be dispatched to pull the vehicle over and ask for identification and inform the driver that the area is a secured area, such as pursuant to the sign posted that indicated the area was security and required appropriate clearance to enter. The vehicle monitoring system could also have the capability to monitor the vehicle over time to determine if the vehicle needs repairs, and if so the driver could be notified through e-mail that the repairs need to occur.

Under a police jurisdiction configuration, the Geospatial Vehicle Monitoring System could be used to track all vehicles for their driving characteristics, and this reduces the cost of monitoring all of the roads with cameras because the monitoring system would be able to monitor all of the vehicles with high-resolution 3D imagery from space. This system could be used to send traffic tickets by postal mail automatically. This system could also monitor for vehicle theft, such that there would be surveillance of the actual theft of the vehicle to use against the thief.

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