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Inversed Geospatial Photonic Programming

This technology is the display of geospatial photonic programming within a screen that could vary in depth from several inches to several feet and/or the technology could occupy the space of other matter. Rather than transparent matter, this technology uses the same type of technology to display photons in the field of three-dimensional objects in geospatial space, while the objects are displayed based on gravitation towards the center rather than outward from the center. This type of geospatial photonic programming is very attractive to look at, because the photons flowing inwards towards the center are gravitating to the eyes, like watching tiny stars drift by in reverse of the direction of travel. Usually this type of light travel pattern results in the light losing its color and brightness, while with the inversed geospatial photonic programming, the light keeps its intensity while travelling inwards. The photonic programming is calibrated based on the center of the geospatial area, so the display of the vision is at the exact angle that the vision would appear at any angle of viewing the vision, because the photons travel the exact path of the vision based on geospatial mathematics.

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