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MCE123 - Technology Development

Geospatial Laser Emission Application Navigation

This technology pertains to geospatial graphical user interfaces that appear in space through the display of photons, including multiple dimensions of windows and buttons that can be pressed. The technology recognizes sudden movements of hands, and can also be programmed to respond to mind control technology such as short-distance EEG, short-distance telepathic, and the technology can be controlled by rapid eye movement that occurs when a person uses slight movements of their eyes to access the navigation. This is done through changes in the dilation of the eye, while at the same time the eye is navigated throughout the geospatial laser emission area.

There are other commands that can be programmed in geospatial laser emission application navigation, such as opening navigation windows and programs from within a specific area of the geospatial laser emission field through a command that is recognized as such through the short-range geospatial scanner. The interface of computers no longer revolves around a menu that is common at one place on the screen, because there can be multiple dimensions of display, and there can be multiple dimensions of the geospatial laser emission, such that there could be multiple dimensions of three-dimensional navigation, a fourth dimension of time on the navigation and geospatial laser emission display – and additionally, there could be other dimensions that would be the equivalence of other universes of display. A single display interface of the geospatial laser emission with application navigation is capable of accessing an unlimited number of devices, while the limitation is the area of display. It is possible to have multiple persons using the same display area for different processes and tasks, and if special optical filters are used for different employees, all of the employees could use the same area of display and potentially be unaware of what one another are working on.

Another technology pertains to short-range telepathic studies and determining if employees working in compartmentalized systems are able to determine what one another are working on, using the geospatial laser emission application navigation system with multiple optical filters disbursed per employee. There are multiple types of studies at this level, and the studies vary based on the background training. There would be studies of private sector employees with no compartmentalized training. There would be studies of military employees with compartmentalized security backgrounds. The differentiation of the studies will provide information about how the knowledge of telepathic information pertains to security clearance, such that increased security increases awareness and the ability to determine additional information based on hyper-awareness of the senses.

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