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MCE123 - Technology Development

Improved Encryption and Decryption of Geospatial Data

This technology pertains to the improvement of encryption and decryption technologies that are used to transmit geospatial data. This technology also pertains to low power consumption optical computing systems that work within the geospatial satellites, for the purpose of reducing the amount of bandwidth that is used for transmissions of extraneous thoughts and materials, such as the reduction of the use of telepathic technology for psy-ops and counter-intelligence transmission that is used for research purposes by third parties attempting to learn about the technology. The purpose of this technology is to:

  • decrease the latency in-between the reading and receipt of the information from the source at the satellite

  • decrease the latency in-between the transmission and the transfer of encrypted information to the destination

  • decrease of the latency in-between the receipt of the information from the source at the satellite, to the transmission of the encrypted information to the destination

  • improve the efficiency of the reading and receipt of information at the satellite, including the improvement of the power efficiency and power management systems

  • improve the efficiency of the decryption of the information received by the satellite

  • improve the efficiency of the processing of the information received by the satellite

  • improve the efficiency of the transmission of the information from the satellite to the destination

This technology works through the use of optical computing within the satellite, to minimize the amount of power that is consumed by the satellite. The type of satellite this technology pertains to is an active intelligence satellite, that obtains information, processes the information that is received (from its encrypted data structure), make decisions based on the information that is received, and based on the decisions any of the following options could occur:

  • Storage of the information within the satellite’s optical computing system, for long-term 4D studies of geospatial data, whereas long-term would pertain to any period of time that exceeds the immediate amount of time of imagery that is passing through the satellite’s computing systems, and such information may pertain to:

    • mapping movement patterns of objects over a timeframe, including aircraft, aquatic vehicles, motor vehicles, people, animals

    • mapping media signals and their locations over a timeframe, including audio, video, data transmissions, radio frequency, light signals (infrared, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays)

    • mapping construction progress, such as the growth of buildings, structures, and the rate of growth of the projects

    • receiving human intelligence information from people, such as thoughts, feelings, and the organization of the thoughts (imagery, audio, thought-to-text, orders, memory, judgment, reasoning, analysis)

  • Decryption of the information, if there are signals received that do not make sense in a particular language, or in any way is encrypted mathematically, such that the information was transmitted securely to begin with

    • Use of optical computing has a higher decryption rate than copper-based systems technology, and also uses less energy consumption during the same amount of processing time, and the decryption of multiple data streams can occur simultaneously

  • Processing of the information to determine, based on organizational structures that are programmed within the policy structure of the satellite, if there is a purpose to execute commands based on the information that was received, transmit the information to another satellite, obtain information from another source to send back to the original source, or any other processes that are defined within the structure of the optical computing of the satellite

    • Use of optical computing decreases amount of energy consumption that would be used comparatively to copper-based systems technology

  • Encryption of the information, and transmission of the information to another source. This could pertain to sending the information to a ground facility, sending the information to aircraft, sending the information to aquatic vehicles or buildings, sending the information to spacecraft, or sending the information to any other destinations that would have an authorized reason to obtain the encrypted data, such that the encryption is for the purpose of the data not being inadvertently intercepted and decrypted, rather the data is only transmitted to the locations that need to have the information for an operational reason

    • Reduction of energy consumption through the reduction of unnecessary transmissions

This technology could be used to organizationally manage multiple telepathic communications with the same person, such as multiple telepathic communications that pertain to multiple sets of privacy structures, as such:

  • Removal of all information that is private from all professional telepathic communications

  • Ability to require authentication to access professional telepathic communications, such that the access of direct telepathic communications may not occur to bypass a contractual process that does not necessarily pertain to telepathic communications

  • Ability to implement firewalls that allow reading a person’s thoughts if the thoughts pertain to the person reading the thoughts, while the person reading the thoughts pursuant to the thoughts occurring does not provide any thoughts

    • Reader: one-way telepathic link to read a person’s thoughts, such that the specific thoughts pertain to that person

    • Origination of Thoughts: must have provided an authorization for the third party to read the thoughts, or the thoughts are not transmitted to the third party

  • Ability to have a direct telepathic connection with a third party

  • Ability to have multiple direct telepathic connections with third parties, all of which are compartmentalized

    • Verification of security credentials

    • Verification of security status that would pertain to the utilization of such

    • Verification of the organizational structures that pertain to such, whereas the thoughts cannot be extraneous thoughts that do not pertain to the organizational structure and processes that are normal of such organizational structures

  • Ability to have a secured, encrypted, private channel with significant other, such as the ability to share thoughts and feelings with the person as if at least as close as possible as if the person was with the person

    • Limitations are that the closeness only occurs in the mind, and potentially the heart

    • There would be no actual touching of one another if the two individuals are not in physical proximity to each other, even thought there could be signals that are sent to the brain that give the feelings of touch, while the touch would not actually be a person touching physically from within the proximity

      • Block third parties from utilizing third parties to correlate activities to such

      • Individuals are not allowed to use third parties to conduct the activities of touching one another, such that if any physical touching occurs between the two individuals, the touching must actually occur between the two individuals when the two individuals are within the proximity of each other

  • Ability to put up telepathic privacy barriers, telepathic busy signals, telepathic firewalls, telepathic mail, and other types of telepathic security procedures

    • Ability to receive a notification prior to third parties, that could be defined as all third parties or third parties that are defined (specific individuals, individuals of organization, characteristics of third party requests), and have intellectual security that works through the satellite to determine how to utilize the information.

    • Ability to protect command structures from telepathic disruptions, telepathic extortions, and other types of telepathic activities that are not useful to the agenda of the organization.

  • Ability to run all information through a policy system, to check and see if the information complies with policy. The levels of security would be as such:

    • Limited security, no command ability – may be combined with a planning system that requires a confirm, storage for later, scheduling of confirmation, scheduling of command, and the ability to review the schedule telepathically

    • Medium security, limited command – the security is run through a policy server that determines if the telepathic information is compliant with what is required, based on the requirements of such. If the telepathic activities are individual, then the telepathic activities are not executed as commands. Otherwise, the following conditions may apply to the security of the limited command:

      • If the telepathic activity of a specific command would not be within the guidelines of the policy server, then there is the option of either discarding the command and checking the command structure to determine if there are any loose ends that need to be cleaned up, either with a telepathic and/or systems operator, or the information may either be stored of discarded without taking the action – such as exclusion of counter-intelligence processes that are common with research from the overall processes of what is occurring within the legal environment. As such, any ideas that would not be legal, would not be used against the person, due to the violation of the person’s individual privacy rights, through obtaining their thoughts – as long as there were no crimes that correlated with the thoughts as a direct result of the person conducting such in the real world. There is the option of printing out a report that shows the individual what the thoughts were, at what timeframes, and there is the option of showing the individual the thoughts that pertained to actions that were executed as commands, such that the individual has the ability to determine how to classify the information that did not show up in the research category, or determine if any medical consultations may be necessary.

        • These references pertain to security professionals, such that the systems would not be available to persons without legal reasons to conduct such authority of command structures.

      • This security would also pertain to providing the legal codes from the policy server, including the ability to display the legal codes visually in the mind, the ability to transmit the legal codes as audio, the ability to implement the legal codes within the mind of the individual, and the ability to provide guidance for compliance with such.

    • High Security, Full command – this would pertain to the ability to have a full command, and the telepathic abilities are filtered for the information content, such as linguistics screening, overall agenda determination through artificial intelligence computations, and the ability to streamline planning through multiple processes of implementing commands that are complaint with all policies that are in the structure of command.

      • Ability of Limited Command with High Security – this option pertains to the election of this high security feature, without the full command. This may pertain to Presidential candidates that have oversight with high levels of security from multiple agencies, departments, and branches of government, for the purpose of learning the intricate details of the systems.

  • Telepathic real size meetings that allow the body of the person, including their clothing, to visually be in the presence of the other person, with their authorization of such, that may apply to a personal relationship between two individuals, or a professional meeting that was agreed to as such by both individuals.

    • Concept of one telepathic body visually and/or systematically becoming part of another in reality, such as the implementation of all knowledge from one person to another, without starting out at the mental thoughts only. This could be part of a compartmentalization to implement only parts of the information, a collective process to implement a telepathic template, or some other type of process that is pre-defined.

  • Ability of system to systematically verify the authenticity of the information, such as:

    • determining the planning of processes for a future time from the real-time processes of planning

    • determining if there are any discrepancies, such as counter-intelligence that doesn’t seem to pertain, or would not normally pertain to such processes

      • Ability to profile based on consumption of various types of alcohol, drugs, food, drinks, and other activities that may change the chemical makeup of the brain, such that the thoughts and/or activities that correlate to such may be slightly different, whereas the intended purpose of the thoughts may be possible to differentiate with the identification of the pattern that corresponds with the change of the brain activity (ie. dehydration), and process the information based on such known pattern. Such would not change the actual chemical makeup of the brain through the satellite, while even the presence of such would not compromise the ability of the system to operate normally.

    • determining if the information may pertain to the created of any types of artificial telepathic intelligence that responds based on the characteristics of the request, such as telepathic imagery that displays the person at a location other than the actual location

      • Detection of any patterns that would pertain to the prediction of the future, and how such patterns of the prediction occur

        • Analysis of the public response, and determination of whether the public knew about the information or if the information was determined based on the use of telepathy that was unknown by the public, such as:

          • Direct access of telepathic information

            • With knowledge of third party

            • Without knowledge of third party

          • Indirect access of telepathic information

            • Discovery of telepathic information as a result of public activities that correlated to such

            • Discovery of telepathic information as a result of other information that led to the telepathic information

            • The third party sent the telepathic information to establish telepathic communications directly

            • The discovery was random

          • Sociological analysis of the public, to determine if the public reversed or is verified as accurate, pursuant to the characteristics of such that pertained to the public

          • Media analysis of the information that was broadcasted over the timeframe, to determine if there were any hidden correlations, any types of linguistics that were occurring in the media, and what can be extrapolated overall from the activities

          • Legal analysis of the information to determine if there were any telepathic, technological, records, or any other types of links within the legal system, if so how, when did the legal correlation begin, what system, what law structure, what jurisdiction, direct or indirect correlation, did the individuals know at that time, how did the individuals find out

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