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MCE123 - Technology Development

Geospatial Internet Laser Emitter

The emitter is a combination of four different large lasers, all different colors, that pass through large light amplifiers, and then through a pinhole mesh that is created through the precision use of cutting laser beams to create millions of pinholes in a light shield for each color. A light channel router converts the four sets of the pinhole laser beams into one set of precision quad-laser pixels that then pass through a distance magnetic channel programmer that consists of multiple layers of magnetic circuitry switches inside clear silicon that emit a magnetic shield around each of the pixels of laser light based on a variable of how far the laser light will travel before appearing as one geospatial pixel. After passing through the magnetic channel programmer, the last piece of the geospatial laser emitter is the angle programmer. This piece of the emitter programs the angle of each laser beam to the angle that is required, through a silicon mirror circuitry, or the equivalence of circuitry that is within clear silicon. This is able to turn switches on and off for different angles of a mirror for each laser light channel.

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