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MCE123 - Technology Development

Geospatial Vehicle Escort Dispatch

This technology pertains to dispatch of limousine service, helicopters, jet aircraft, and other motorcade vehicles to a site through the use of a psychological geospatial channel to dispatch the vehicle, and the driver calls the protectee with the command “Get in.” after pulling up to the coordinated pickup site. This could be used, for instance, if a protectee goes outside the protective clutch on walks through the park, and would like to be picked up rather than walk back. This could also have United Nations applications, such as a protected agent in the field working on a special investigation, such that the special agent should not need to use any telecommunications equipment or make any movements or have any pre-determined plan as far as when to be picked up, and be able to dispatch escort back inside the protective unit. Examples of how this technology could be fooled would be a pre-determined signal, a movement such as touching the ear, while the actual technology would be reading the thoughts of the special agents mind using the geospatial satellite system, and then the dispatch command moves the vehicle through communications to the limo driver. This would be improved if the communications to the limo driver were also possible without verbal communication, such as the transmission of the instructions on when and where to move the vehicle. This is possible with any special agent after years of training and isolation from outside environmental thoughts, and the use of the geospatial satellite system, as such that the system its self would be able to keep track of the thoughts of the special agent and make advisements based on the thoughts. The software would be able to alert dispatch if there was an issue of an agent not understanding, very rare, such as a communication problem between the satellite and the special agent. This is why the monitoring of the thoughts must occur at all times, to determine if the agent is always thinking in line with the unit. Any portions of thought that are not in line with the unit are then re-programmed to be in line with the unit. The technology is made to monitor the thoughts and maintain the unit, while the surveillance is such that the privacy is not violated in the residential areas of each agent. This is a complicated privacy structure that involves differences between public and private in regards to what is said in public, what is said to a spouse if the spouse is not cleared at that level of security, and what is said in regards to the monitoring in residences – in other words the privacy response is that monitoring does not occur in residences, and technologically the information is computerized and not shared and there are limitations of access and dissemination is forbidden, otherwise the agency would be breached and the agency would investigate pursuant to protection of the agency and the protection of Fourth Amendment rights of the special agents.

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