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MCE123 - Technology Development

Geospatial Emitted Organizational Command

This technology pertains to showing an organizational menu in the air through photonic programming, such as a dispatch menu for a police chief of a UD unit under Secret Service. This would allow, in the air in front of the agent, to show the dispatch sequences that are occurring, and how much time is remaining on various organizational tasks such as multiple arrests occurring simultaneously, and ETA of interception.

This technology would also be able to show menus of backup options, show contingency operations, such as multi-layer dispatch of DC police, FBI, DHS, military, and other jurisdictions as applicable.

Other types of configurations would apply to other types of positions, and the technology could also be combined with special types of sun glasses and/or helmets that can black out portions of the real-world display, overlay, and/or black out the entire real-world display to see everything in 3D modeling / intelligence command style. This would provide a view of everything with the intelligence that is behind every moving target. This technology would be able to pull up active profiles on every person, visually, in the display of the glasses and/or helmet. This would be ideal for FBI locating subjects, especially when on motorcycles. This technology could also be used for military, such as differentiating civilians from military. This helps to add an additional layer of protecting civilians. The display would be able to identify ranks of military, and any weapons if applicable. This would eliminate issues of “military” and military intelligence being confused, such that military intelligence may be without weapons, while still acting at intelligence levels that are above civilian. The display would also be able to identify civilians based on their career, their employer / company, and their accomplishments.

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