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AT Systems: Intelligence and Communications

AT Systems: Intelligence and Communications

This information pertains to patterns of intelligence and communications, through the use of combinations of systems technology and telepathic, sociological, and other types of communications that have the capability of controlling large populations of persons.

Collective Systems, Collective Minds, Individual Thoughts, and Security Concepts

This pertains to the use of collective systems that utilize processes, potentially including automation, and the integration of the systems with collective minds, such that the collective minds are multiple minds that share information through telepathic. The collective minds are secondary to the individual thoughts, such that there are multiple intelligence compartments within each individual’s mind, while the individual thoughts are unique and separate from the collective. There are security concepts that pertain specifically to how to identify the various forms of compartments of thoughts, the types of compartments, and the types of processes that are used for individual thoughts and how the individual thoughts help to create unique thoughts that are separate from the collective, such that without individual thoughts the individual would have no intelligence beyond the collective systems of the collective minds. The security concepts pertain to securitization between the individual thoughts and the collective thoughts, to ensure the growth of the individual in addition to the growth of the collective. The growth of individual thoughts improves the thought processes that occur within the collective thoughts.

Collective Systems, Sociological Research, and Privacy Concepts

This pertains to utilizing collective systems for sociological research, such as utilizing the weaknesses in security to study how to improve the security, utilizing the Media to study how to improve Media Security and other types of sociological research that pertain to politics. Without the Collective Systems, the insecurity and openness of society would lead to instability. The security of the collective systems includes privacy of the systems designers, privacy of the systems, privacy of the systems operators, and privacy of the systems research.

Contingency Sociological Concepts

This pertains to placing sociological research on contingency, such that the sociological research is reactive to activities in society, rather than targeting an issue. This is a form of sociological security that activates if an issue is targeted. These types of mechanisms can originate from planning, not necessarily visible within planning on paper, while these concepts are such that the contingencies are empowered by the targeting.

Organized Limited Liability Contingent Sociological Activities

This pertains to organizations of limited liability contingencies that activate sociological activities through segmentation and blips of information that collectively result in the creation of contingent sociological activities. This is the concept of planting the seed for long-term development of contingent sociological organizations with specific types of functions and sociological activities that are based on organizational principles.

Intellectual Vacuums and Protective Contingency Trees of Re-appropriation

This pertains to the use of sociological organizations to vacuum the intelligence out of all third parties, utilizing the protection of a contingent tree of re-appropriation, such that the intelligence vacuum is limited liability and the contingency activates as a takeover mechanism to re-appropriate the command structures of all attacks against the intelligence vacuum.

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