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Heat Preparedness Timeframe Probability Calculation Systems

This technology pertains to calculating the heat preparedness time frames of various compartments, instantaneously based on how long the system would take to reach a level of necessary heat, based on the conditions that are needed for individual product preparation. This system has primarily the purpose of advising the temperature control preparedness systems and efficiency control systems based on the probability of current heat levels what the time frame would be to reach a specific heat level. The information is outputted through mathematical formula that changes based on the variables and characteristics of each compartment. This system is primarily for the sensor basis of the efficiency management, and the simplification of the data that is gathered from the sensors into mathematical formulas that pertain to the estimated delineation of the heat, such that based on the application of heat or the reduction of heat there would be changes to the heat within each individual compartment that would vary significantly based on what the compartment was used for. The variable of the detected use of the compartment, and detection of any necessity for automated cleaning processes, and necessity for any types of modular systems maintenance or repairs, would be specified based on the sensor data. While this system may utilize intelligence based on systems that are not directly related to the heat preparedness, the information is used for the purpose of calculating all possible uses of individual compartments based on the compartmentalized use variables, such that there is a separate variable set for each compartment. Other systems may utilize the variables to determine based on an overall systems capability, what is the best decision within the specifications of the calculated ratios and probability – such as demand probability timelines, probability of use of compartments over a time frame, and managing the time frames of processing large orders including for catering and distribution to restaurants and other needs.

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