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MCE123 - Technology Development

Psychological Sensing Technology

This technology could utilize geospatial emissions technology through digital sun glasses to find psychological thought patterns occurring in society through the display of pictures / graphics on the sun glasses, and/or the playing of sounds in an agent’s earpiece, such that the vision field and the earpiece responds with information that identifies thought patterns through simplification of the thought patterns in society with simplified codes.

A similar type of technology could be used with a geospatial search that is able to playback audio, video, and other types of internal data on a 4D timescale based on accesses of information from a HUMINT level through the interface of SIGINT at the HUMINT level through the device technology. The device technology would include the transmission of the data to the digital glasses, the digital earpiece, and the sensing of the agent’s eye movements, the sensing of the surroundings through satellites and microscopic cameras in the glasses, and the sensing of the sounds in the surroundings through hyper-sensitive microphones on the technology and through the use of satellite audio interception.

This technology would help the agency identify patterns of sociological activities in the proximity, such that the actual sociological thoughts are not provided to the agents, such that the thoughts of other persons may be damaging and prompt actions on behalf of the agency, while at the same time the simplification of the thoughts would prompt security on a generalized level. The monitoring of psychological thoughts with satellites would be managed through computer software and personnel in the Intelligence Community, while the agency has access to very simplified information in the field. The reason for this is the potentials of differentiation of psychological thoughts from verbal speech, actions, and alertness, such that the thoughts could potentially be counter-intelligence and not pertain to the actual presence of the individual. This is a standardized process that the IC is aware of in some cases, such as differentiation of intelligence source, differentiation of intelligence type, differentiation of communication type, differentiation of technology type, and differentiation of intelligence type.

For the purpose of security, the information of psychological intelligence should be taken seriously, while the intelligence is technically private information, and if there is no actual threat such as disruption, threat of use of force, or any other type of threat from the individual with the psychological thoughts, then there can be no actions taken. If there is the potential of a threat, and there is psychological intelligence that suggests the potential of a threat, and the person is not cleared through the intelligence community screening processes – such as lie detector tests, then the potential of the threat would need to be monitored for security purposes. There should also be research conducted on how to reduce the psychological thoughts that lead to threats, and this process already occurs within the Intelligence Community, such as the lie detector tests. Technically, since the psychological thoughts are private information, there can be no actions taken contrary to the individual if there is no evidence of a real threat posed by the individual, and the psychological thoughts cannot be disseminated / referred to by other persons, pursuant to SCI clearance processes, such that the internal thoughts if not communicated publically are the intellectual property of the individual. While the thoughts may be intercepted legally, for the protection of the public, such as the interception of the thoughts at public political events, technically the information is the intellectual property of the individual, and the security mechanism is to be one step ahead of everyone – just in case the thoughts are a threat, security will be prepared, while the system of psychological thoughts is different from evidence gathered under public domain and all agents that use the technology must be cleared at a minimum of an active SCI clearance.

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