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MCE123 - Technology Development

Optical Memory Technical Specifications

This technology may work through the broadcast of the same light signal to all of the spatial compartments within an optical memory chip. The spatial compartments store data through magnetism and through the combination of each of the individual photons and a special route programming light that determines the location that the light is stored. The programming light turns the storage field on for reading the photon that enters, such that the magnetism is stored through a write to the magnetic material. The area is a space that a photon can enter, and the light signature is stored temporarily or permanently. The read to locate a light signature in memory would be as simple as the broadcast of the light signal to all compartments, and the compartment(s) with that light signature would provide a signal that indicates those compartment(s) are a match, while the other compartment(s) would not return a signal. This allows fast access to data through either a structured access to the memory, or a broadcast to locate specific memory based on a light signature. This is why the optical memory can be “active”, because the light signatures can be searched and accessed immediately with a very close to negative infinity seek and return time. The return from the search would be practically at the same time that the search occurred, at least at the speed of the light, because there are separate channels of light for different types of accesses.

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