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MCE123 - Technology Development

Multi-Layered Optical Circuitry

This technology pertains to the use of clear silicon and the creation of multiple layers of optical circuitry within the same physical plane of optical circuitry. This could be accomplished through multiple types of techniques, such as optical circuitry that is created inside the clear silicon with geospatial cutting lasers that create the path within the material for light to travel into specific optical microchips and optical switches. Both the top and the bottom of the clear silicon could be a combination of switching and switch guidance systems that work simultaneously, such as the switch guidance systems that determine what the seek position of the photonic memory shall be at any specific time. This would increase the speed of the light processing through the separation of the light guidance systems and instructional programming from the actual switching infrastructure, thus the guidance systems program the switching infrastructure based on fast memory access of active control status, rather than sending instructions on the light switching layer, waiting for the switching instructions to take effect, verifying, and then routing the light to the switching layer. The separation of the guidance systems from the switching layer will improve the transmission speed of each photon at another dimension of light speed.

The guidance systems could work on optical to magnetic, optical to optical plate – such as the programming of an underlying mirror system under a microchip / switch that directs the light based on the pre-programmed underlying mirror system that was programmed through the guidance system, as such that the programmable mirror responded to the light programming such as a reaction to ultraviolet light. This technology would be used in the memory storage optical system that is able to store and retrieve information based on an organized structure of the storage that is secondary to the storage media its self. The organizational storage command would program the guidance system and the information retrieval / storage at the same time. The underlying mirrors could have a very complex structure of tiny mirrors in the structure of a larger mirror, such that the mirror structure is geospatial and sends each laser beam in multiple paths within the optical microchip to obtain programming information, and then leaving the optical microchip with the programming information that was stored in the optical microchip based on memory. The programming of the paths would be based on the organized structure of the storage system, while the data that is stored in the storage media would be based on what was stored previously, or what will be stored. Each individual chip is accessible in the optical memory cube, separately. An optical collector and concentrator puts the multiple sources of light together into one signal as the memory signals leave the optical memory cube.

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