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Artificial Intelligence to Find Cures to Diseases

Artificial Intelligence to Find Cures to Diseases

This invention concept pertains to AI that can find cures for previously unknown diseases, or mutated diseases, through the integration of the vaccine development process with electronic and chemical processes that allow the creation of new vaccines through automated systems. These systems would allow the testing as well as small batch development of new compounds, proteins, and molecules, through essentially an automatic process which is calculated by the Artificial Intelligence, based on analysis of the disease samples, or even from bio-engineered diseases created in highly secure laboratories. Like the game that allows people to fold proteins, this AI would allow computerized intelligence to calculate immunities in the same processes that the human body, or animals use to create immunities, however unlike in biology, where the diseases are highly contagious or highly dangerous, immunities can be created without the need for human testing, for the purpose of creating antibodies using synthetically produced compounds in a secured environment. This could allow the AI to produce vaccines for strains of diseases that other nations could create as weapons, or that evolve out of animals or other biological processes, by the computing system making calculations of how the diseases could affect animals or humans without having to have the actual disease sample, as it could synthesize the diseases in a digitally controlled chemically produced environment that can clean its self and destroy diseases after they are secured with antibodies or vaccines, such that computer data could mass produce vaccines should they become necessary in the future, simply by storing the data on secure systems.

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