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Pulse Aircraft Engine

Pulse Aircraft Engine

This technology pertains to the physics of the use of multiple pulses of air, magnetic, heat, cooling, and other types of pulses that are able to move aircraft through the creation of multiple stabilizing vacuums and aero spatial conditions that work like hovering technology, a contrast to conventional aircraft engines that use thrust to propel the gliding of aircraft through aerospace. The technology of the pulse aircraft engine pertains to the manipulation and control of the surrounding aerospace, and combines the use of sensors of aerospace conditions and how to utilize the conditions of aerospace as an energy source and form of stabilization / movement, in addition to the safety of the aircraft to counteract the conditions that occur in aerospace from weather such as wind, rain, ice, snow, and other weather conditions, such that the engine changes the characteristics of the engine based on the aerospace conditions, and is capable of working safely in all aerospace conditions that could potentially be encountered when using the form of travel through aerospace.

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