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MCE123 - Marketing Services

Responsive Website Design and Development

We offer affordable services to create new, rich coded websites that work on all types of mobile devices, and we also have the tools to covert an existing website into newer standardized code. i.e.:

  • Conversion of static HTML websites to Responsive Websites
  • Conversion of Adobe Flash to JavaScript and HTML5 animated graphics
  • Conversion of Flash Videos to newer video and streaming formats
  • Conversion of slow Java applets to newer source code
  • Conversion of other types of website content such as HTML4 to HTML5

We can do any form of design and development work or any type of website conversion that your organization needs, and we can do it all cost effectively. This includes the conversion of older non-mobile compliant websites to responsive website code that allows the pages to be displayed easily on tablets and phones, as well as desktops and laptops. Responsiveness is what allows the page to be navigated easily on any screen size, including scrolling and reading without having to zoom in to see the text. We are website design and development experts, with over 20 years of industry experience in our company alone.

Importance of Your Website

We never slack off after we receive a deposit for work to be done - you can expect a quick turnaround, even for larger websites. Your website is instrumental in your organization's overall marketing plan, and we take every project seriously. We have cost effective ways of producing unique websites, such as the use of custom templates, modules, and components, which are reusable bits of source code that allows us to reproduce common features of websites that you like looking at, while keeping your overall investment in the project low. We'll never take a public template and change a couple of things on it and present it as a finished project - you can bet that we'll spend hundreds of combined hours working on your website, but without the need to produce everything from scratch. If you do want us to produce everything from scratch, we can do that, however the investment cost will be much greater than the processes that we are used to providing to organizations that are happy with our work.

Reusable Code for Affordable Websites Built by the Website Experts

Instead of starting a new website design and development company, we've been in this business for over 20 years, and we are website experts. We have already made all of the mistakes that start-up companies make, because they haven't had enough experience designing and building websites. Because we are experts in both Marketing and Information Technology services, you're not going to be dealing with 15 different businesses to get an expert-grade website. We use open source code that is licensed for commercial use, in addition to custom code that we have developed ourselves over the past 20+ years. This allows us to build websites at an accelerated speed, lowering overall costs, and increasing your return on investment.

Customized Modules and Components Built for Reusable Website Platforms

Modules and components bring in custom software architectures into our reusable website platforms, including Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document and File Management Systems, and Web Server Management Systems. An example of these custom modules and components, would be a piece of software that connects a Real Estate software application to a Content Management System, which allows the customer to make changes to the website using custom software that can integrate into their existing software, so that information flows directly from your employees' computers to the website, and allowing your employees to interact with the website using form-based and graphical-based user interfaces.

These custom system packages, put together by MCE123SM, allow any size of business to have a website that trumps a Fortune 500 company. In the Global Economy, you need to be competitive with the companies that are already out there, or you're not going to make a dent in the market. We have experience creating niche markets with websites and other marketing products and services, so you truly could achieve the goal of listing your company on a publicly traded Stock Exchange, much sooner than never. The only limitation is your own business, and whether you can handle the amount of clientele that we're going to be sending your way.

Legal Note: Many software packages have licensing terms that must be followed by both the website developers (us), and the website owner (your organization). For some custom software packages that we have developed, we do not allow the client to ever have access to the source code, as part of a service subscription, which is a fee-based structure based on how much of our server resources the site uses. Don't worry - our fee structures will always be affordable and competitive to other web design and development companies - it just means that you don't actually own the software that we develop, unless you explicitly pay for said software through licensing terms, which will be exponentially more expensive than if you just pay for our maintenance services. The reason for this, is that our competitors are always trying to get their hands on our software, and we can't afford having our source code hacked by a competitor. They're our trade secrets!

W3C Certified Code

We design websites in HTML W3C Compliant code, regardless of how big or how small your website project is. We've learned the importance of designing and developing websites that conform to the highest industry standards, and you can bet our competition is checking our public code all the time to try and find a reason to take business away from us. It's a serious business, and one wrong bit of information and the entire website can be ruined, structurally. When you're shopping for a website developer, make sure they certify their code with the latest W3C standard. Please note that some websites we have developed in the past may not be completely W3C compliant today if the client has taken the project to another developer, which is common in the industry.

Open Workforce Model

You should never feel like you're being held hostage by your webmaster! If you do, you're probably being taken advantage of - with the exception of you paying your bills on time. We openly tell our clients that they can take their website intellectual property wherever they want, should they choose. We will never hold your company liable for fees that you shouldn't pay, or when you're not completely satisfied with our work. We've worked with thousands of different website designers and software developers in the history of our company, and there's no reason that we can't accommodate every one of your organization's logistical needs - even if it means we will be working with a competitor that we despise (though we're not aware of any). We will always advise you of the best course of action for your business, but the decisions of your business are yours to make. We're open to working with anyone, so as long as our bills get paid in a timely manner.

Website Hosting Services

Every website needs hosting services - there's no way to get around it, unless maybe if you own your own servers and you have an OC48 tunneled into your home. This isn't a joke - we actually know someone like this. We prefer to host our clients websites through managed web-hosting systems that we have complete control over. If you prefer to do your own hosting, you will likely need to pay up front for all design and development costs per license agreements, and the licenses may still be based on how much traffic your website receives. If you make billions of dollars, you better believe we're going to want our cut of the profits for our hard work - but don't worry, if you don't make billions of dollars, we won't drain your bank accounts. Just realize that there's a lot of work that goes into hosting a website, and we prefer that our clients not try to take this on themselves.

Payment Terms

All bills issued by us are due with strict NET-30 terms. If you're not familiar with the term, this means that from the date that the bill was issued, you have exactly 30 days to make a payment. If you fail to make a payment, we reserve the right to disable your website - and we have ways of doing this even if you have your own web-hosting accounts. We take Intellectual Property rights seriously, and failure to pay will result in your website being shut down. Depending upon how much the bill is for, we even have the rights to reclaim our design work if we've sold you Marketing Materials or anything else. You absolutely must pay your bills on time - we cannot stress this enough. If you have cash flow issues, you should discuss the issues with our accounting department to see if we can issue you a line of credit. We are committed to your success - as long as you are, too, and you play by the rules.


Extended List of Website Design and Development Services:

Flash Website Conversion

As you may know, Adobe Flash is being phased out through the year 2020. We have been programming in Flash since 2002, and there isn't a more experienced company to address your Flash conversion process. We have tools to extract resources out of compiled Flash files, such as images, sounds, sprites, frames, videos, and other types of content. We can export them, re-package them, and re-format your website without Flash - in virtually the same way that it looks now, including preserving all of the animations. Flash is being phased out due to security issues in the way that Flash works. The ideal replacement for a complex Flash application would be a Java applet, while most of the animation features of Flash can be done in HTML5.

Custom Code Bases

We have teams of programmers available to work on converting your website to the latest standards, including architectures such as Angular or Node.js, Android and iOS Mobile Apps, or any other software system that you are interested in developing. Please contact us today with your website ideas for more information about how we can best suit your needs! Remember - we are marketing and information technology service experts, so we don't shy away from a difficult task. As long as you have financial viability, we're willing to work with you to develop whatever you need. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock