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Voice over IP (VoIP) Services

Voice over IP (VoIP) ServicesAlso known as the Internet telepathy, VoIP is a method that allows a group of different technologies to deliver voice communications over the internet in a variety of mediums. The diagram below provides a common example of how VoIP can be set up and used:

How VoIP works for your business:

A VoIP system can be set up to allow mobile use at all times. It can also provide additional features, like having a virtual voice answer the phone, intelligent automated menus and prompts, conference dialing, and music for callers when they are on hold, just to name a few. By adding VoIP to the data network your business already has, you will be reducing your overall costs and improving your productivity, while also improving how your business collaborates. Utilizing VoIP systems means you will be managing only one network, too, rather than several (as you would be doing with regular phones). By reducing the number of networks, you can greatly lower any associated maintenance costs for your business.

By simplifying to one network, you will have an easier time managing the network overall. Adding, moving, and modifying phone connectivity within your company will require less time and effort. This gives your company more flexibility and reduces the cost of maintenance. With one single unified VoIP system, your employees can more easily focus on their, particularly via collaboration, using voice or video chat. This makes the business’s core an easier process. By making use of VoIP features within your business, it's easier for your employees to have web conferences, as well as to send and receive messages. Your employees will be able to collaborate in a much more effective and modern way, getting their work done much faster than before.

VoIP reduces local and long-distance charges since everything can be contacted through the Internet. It also helps customers reach out to the company in an easier way, improving customer service. VoIP has special features that are only available on VoIP phones, and can be used remotely as well. These features can be used in office, at home, and even while traveling.

MCE123 VoIP specialists can discuss and address the specific needs of your business to better determine how VoIP services can assist you and your business in reaching your short-term and long-term goals. Please reach out to us today for further information – we’re happy to discuss your needs in detail.

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