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Video Surveillance and Security Systems

Video Surveillance and Security SystemsMCE123's team is incredibly skilled at installing and configuring modern surveillance systems. This includes those with complex advanced features, such as those that link up to cloud storage for viewing footage remotely, as well as those powered through non-traditional sources like solar panels and PoE (Power over Ethernet). Even if you feel your business is secure, the addition of a video surveillance system is an easy way to protect yourself against unexpected disasters, providing evidence for legal issues and helping you place responsibility when things go wrong.

The cloud storage video surveillance we use is especially powerful All footage is uploaded to the cloud as it happens. In the case of a power outage or destruction of the security system, the footage will still exist.

Of course, there's more to security to cameras. Individual doors can be secured with ANSI Grade 1 locks, and rooms can be guarded by metal doors that are impossible to penetrate before the police arrive. If you have specific security needs, take these options into consideration.

Some of the benefits of our Video Surveillance and Security Systems Services include:

  • Greater Quality Video - our systems provide crisp, clear images, even in the dark or low-light environments, supporting up to 4k resolution.
  • Motion Activated – having cameras capture footage 24/7 quickly takes up valuable storage space. Motion activation circumvents this issue entirely without sacrificing security.
  • Night Vision – another solution to low-and-no light environments.
  • Wireless Cameras - these can be placed anywhere in your environment within the WiFi signal range of the control panel. They are protected by powerful encryption, unlike older wireless security cameras that can be monitored remotely with frequency scanning technology.
  • Cloud Storage Services - storing your footage in the cloud greatly lowers the chances of footage being lost, stolen, or accidentally deleted.

MCE123 is happy to help you select the best surveillance cameras and security system for your company. Our experts can consult you on which measures are best for your environment as well as the needs of your business. We will work within your budget to make sure you get the most for your money in terms of security measures and quality products. If you have any questions about how our security technology works or if you want to explore our offerings further, reach out to us today for more information.

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