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Data Analytics Services

Making informed decisions is an absolute must when it comes to creating a successful business. In order to make the best choices possible, you have to understand the big picture. That’s where data analytics services come in. Many entrepreneurs believe that investing in this kind of information is unnecessary, but that opinion couldn’t be further from the truth.

Data analytics can be used to help determine who is visiting your site and buying your product, who your target audience should be, and even how effective your current marketing strategy is. It can help you make smart decisions about where you want to put money and where you can cut corners. To put it simply, data analytics empowers you to make smart decisions. And the professionals at MCE123 can help.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive data analytics services that include examining data sets and analyzing them for patterns in the data. These methods are used widely in the commercial world by data scientists, business professionals, and website owners and maintainers.

Data Analytics Services can be separated into two types of data analysis:

  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Data Analysis

These Data Analytics Services usually involve the analysis of data records from your company to pull insights and generate different reports to help you visualize the patterns we’ve found. These data analysis reports can help your organization increase its revenues, improve operational efficiency, and optimize its marketing efforts. The ultimate goal of the data analysis is to boost the efficiency and performance of your organization.

Types of Data Analysis

There are essentially four types of data analysis.

  1. Descriptive Analysis. This is the core of the data analysis process. It seeks to answer the questions “what does this data mean, who are the customers, and what do the customers want?”.
  2. Diagnostic Analysis. This analysis yields a much deeper understanding of the data found from descriptive analysis. It offers detailed information about the data and offers even more insight.
  3. Predictive Analysis. This uses the data collected via descriptive and diagnostic analysis to help make logical predictions out of the data obtained. Some methods of predictive analysis include:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sales Forecasting
  1. Prescriptive Analysis. This is the conclusion of the data analysis services we offer. It combines all information from the previous analysis reports and aims to help you make a decision about what action should be taken to solve the current problem. The solution is obtained in this stage.

MCE123 provides custom data analytics services tailored to fit your unique and specific needs. We do this using Tableau Desktop to produce stunning visualizations of your data. Below you can see a custom website analytics platform built by MCE123 using Tableau Desktop, which was created to replace the use of Awstats. It includes custom visualizations of all of the traffic that occurred on the MCE123 website for 3 years. We resolved all of the visitors’ IP addresses to GPS coordinates based on their hostnames, and the resulting analytics work was a map that showed every visitor to the MCE123 website, with drill-down capabilities.

We can help take your data and create beautiful, easy-to-digest reports from it to help your business thrive. If you would like more information about our custom data analytics service, please contact us.

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