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Server Migration

Server Migration

Server Migration is the process in which data, in addition to the operating system and other software configurations, are securely transferred from one server to another. Server Migration is performed for a variety of reasons, such as maintaining backups and ensuring storage effectiveness when a server is too small for an expanding application or web service.

Because your data is so vital to your business, server migrations are best executed by experienced experts, like MCE123, who know the best ways to handle the secure transmission of all the data. Our team can identify the most efficient, planned out process for any server migrations. This may require reconfiguration and formatting of the data itself to adhere to new server software included in this process.

Server Migration must be done with extreme care due to data sensitivity and security issues. Multiple backups of what is being transferred should always be made before the process begins to ensure nothing will be lost in case something goes wrong. Once the migration process is successfully completed, the data on the new server must be authenticated. That's when we check with all other parts of the organization regarding the data’s accessibility. Migrating from one server to a new one can be a nightmare scenario, especially if you don’t have an experienced employer working for you.

Without proper experience in Service Migration, the entire process can quickly become a nightmare. Not only can it result in lost time, data, and even money, but the process of debugging any subsequent issues and getting your systems running on the new platform or infrastructure can be very complicated work. Worse still, when part of the migration progress goes wrong, it can be difficult what caused the error. Our team takes zero chances and takes all possible precautions before, during, and after migration to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

We can convert code that was created in Linux or Windows environments, and make it run on either platform. We can port engines and other microservices from Linux to Windows or vice versa. We are thoroughly trained in Java runtime environments, .NET, PHP, Python, Perl, C++, and C, among others. We’re also experienced with many different types of installations of Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other software. Our team picks up on issues quickly. Even if we need to change the source code, our 20 years of programming experience in the industry makes it a comfortable process.

Talk to the MCE123 Server Migration specialists today to discover how our team can take the stress out of the process.

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