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Statement Regarding MCE123 Policy Research Center

This article is a statement from the MCE123 Legal Department regarding MCE123 Policy Research Center, and the separation of any partisan political opinions from MCE123 Company. MCE123 Policy Research Center is a separate organization that is not funded by MCE123 Company. The reason we make this distinction is because some opinions that may be presented by MCE123 Policy Research Center may be partisan in nature, or either Democratic or Republican leaning in nature, or both, and this does not represent the organizational beliefs of MCE123 Company.


What is MCE123 Policy Research Center?

MCE123 Policy Research Center is a non-political organization, that is separate from MCE123 Company, that studies public policies within the United States based on the personal and professional opinions of the MCE123 Company Founder for the reason of incubating those opinions for use by our elected leaders, and to a greater extend, by voters. The reason that this organization was created, is that Patrick R. McElhiney, the MCE123 Company Founder, has ambitions to run for a Federal elected office in the future, and there was a need for an organization under the MCE123 global organizational structure that allowed for the creation of political content, specifically for the purpose of Patrick R. McElhiney's personal/professional website, located at


Why does "MCE123 Policy Research Center" use the MCE123 wordmark?

The MCE123 wordmark is not limited to the works of MCE123 Company, as the wordmark is owned by Patrick R. McElhiney. Therefore, Patrick R. McElhiney can use the MCE123 wordmark for any purpose that he wants to. While this may seem like the ultimate 'root kit' on MCE123 Company, there is a clear separation of MCE123 Policy Research Center and MCE123 Company. MCE123 Policy Research Center isn't a part of MCE123 Company. It is a separate organization, that is neither Republican nor Democrat leaning. It represents the personal and professional political positions of Patrick R. McElhiney as a potential future candidate for Federal elected office.


Separation of MCE123 Company and Politics

What this article defines, is that MCE123 Company doesn't endorse Patrick R. McElhiney for any elected office, regardless of whether he ever runs for one, and MCE123 Company also doesn't endorse or fund any of the policies, or studies, or anything else having to do with MCE123 Policy Research Center. In the future, MCE123 Policy Research Center may be renamed, if MCE123 Company is ever sold. For an example, the "MCE" brand, with the image of the M that is being built from the lower left-hand side, with or without colors, is separate from the MCE123 wordmark, and it may be used by Patrick R. McElhiney for any purpose that he wants - such as creating the "MCE Policy Research Center", just as an example.

MCE123 Company is a privately held company, solely owned by Patrick R. McElhiney, and therefore the brand clearly identifies with the individual in this case, in addition to the organization - which is a separate legal entity. Due to the extremely professional nature of Patrick R. McElhiney, there is no reason to separate or distinguish different brands for different purposes in this case, because there is no risk of Mr. McElhiney being a professional liability to MCE123 Company. Even if he was, he is currently the sole owner of the company, and therefore all assets would be at risk anyways. However, this does not mean that MCE123 Company endorses everything that Patrick R. McElhiney does, nor does it mean that MCE123 Company endorses anything regarding MCE123 Policy Research Center.


MCE123 Policy Research Center Moving Forward

There is one project under development by MCE123 Company, whose organizational structure has not been fully defined yet, and therefore we are not releasing any information about the project at this time. In this one case, MCE123 Policy Research Center's works will be used as part of the project, that is solely owned by MCE123 Company, and therefore there is a theoretical value assigned to MCE123 Policy Research Center's works with regards to MCE123 Company. However, this value, and cost, have not been realized in any capacity by the company at this time, and therefore the project technically doesn't exist at this time. The nature of the project is a political web service platform. Therefore, we see a potential value to having MCE123 Policy Research Center associated with MCE123 Company at this time, and therefore there are no plans to separate the MCE123 wordmark from MCE123 Policy Research Center at this time, even though MCE123 Company doesn't endorse Patrick R. McElhiney's political positions. We will only separate the MCE123 wordmark from MCE123 Policy Research Center if and when either 1) MCE123 Company is purchased or goes public, and/or 2) there is a very public outcry from our stakeholders that the MCE123 wordmark should be separated from MCE123 Policy Research Center, and separating them benefits MCE123 Company significantly. We will not consider separating the MCE123 wordmark from MCE123 Policy Research Center if neither of these conditions are met while the political web service platform project goes public, unless the project is completely purchased in whole from MCE123 Company, and this must be negotiated through the purchase agreement. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock