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The Intellectual Property contained on this website is protected under International Copyright Laws, and some of it may be protected through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.


If you require the information to use for private or public, non-educational use, then please contact the MCE123 Company Founder to learn about how you can purchase rights to the Intellectual Property, so you have a legal ground to use the Intellectual Property for a defined scope of use tailored to your specific needs.


Educational use is allowed, but please reference any materials, even if it is only an idea that you are using and expanding on with further research, back to the original point of the idea – which is from the IP author.

Example MLA Format Citation:

McElhiney, P.R. Article Name, MCE123 Technology Development, (COPYRIGHT DATE), Retrieved from: on (TODAY’S DATE)

If you require the specific date of the original concept for your research project, please contact us. We keep all information relating to publishing dates and times, usually down to seconds of the day of when the thoughts were originally documented, in a fire-proof locked filing system offline, to avoid other IP Creators from taking the information and creating an arbitrary date that is sooner than ours.

For additional information, contact us:

Patrick R. McElhiney

MCE123 Company Founder

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