Sharmila Chandrakanth (Spring 2019 Web Development Intern)


Sharmila Chandrakanth Spring 2019 Web Development InternSharmila Chandrakanth worked on developing content for the MCE123 website, including 51 different Marketing and Information Technology service articles, and she provided support for the development of the MCE123 website in countless other ways. She is familiar with how the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) works in the back-end to display the website's content based on user requests at the front-end, through experience of working directly within the back-end web interface. She developed content remotely using Google Drive, and monitored her progress towards company goals through the project's GitScrum portal.

Sharmila came up with several lists of ideas for the new MCE123 website early on in her internship, and she did some extensive research on what makes a good marketing firm by looking at what the largest and most popular marketing firms in America had on their websites. She also developed the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of our Company Blog, which addresses questions that other people might have about how to use the MCE123 website. She helped to find the EDOCMAN module, which allows us to host our file libraries on the website, and limit even who can view them. It's setup to require that a user register for an account on the MCE123 website, and verify that account with their e-mail, and then they can download some of our free Marketing Document Template files, as well as pricing information for a lot of different types of Marketing Materials.

Sharmila also worked on W3C compliance testing for the MCE123 website, in which she used the W3C website tools to find issues with the MCE123 website, such as broken links and un-closed code tags, in addition to other compliance issues. Some of the other ideas she came up with for the MCE123 website include the innovative client roster with recent client logos, the chat bot that she also worked on, fun facts about the company, and the subscribe button that sends an e-mail to a company representative. Some of the ideas that she's had that we have yet to implement at the time of writing this article, includes the ability to chat with potential customers as they view the website and a client results section that is like an expanded testimonials section, with more information about what work has been done for clients, and how we were rated by the clients for that work.

Sharmila was recognized for her leadership abilities with an honor award from the University of New Hampshire (UNH), which is where the MCE123 Company Founder, Patrick R. McElhiney, met her. They had classes together in 2018 when Patrick was preparing to graduate, and Patrick gave Sharmila and one of her friends a ride back-and-forth between the Manchester campus and the Durham campus, where they both were living. Sharmila became the Resident Advisor at UNH Manchester's new dorms after working for MCE123, scanning in receipts into Neat Cloud during the Summer of 2018. She graduated in the Spring of 2019 with her Master's of Science degree in the studies of Information Technology.

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