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How do I maintain my website? Can I update it myself?

Most websites built today allow the customer to edit their content without the requirement that they know how to program computer code, and the cost for these sites is comparable to what a client would have paid for a static HTML website years ago before content engines existed. The way that MCE123 can make your website editable, is through the integration of your website with a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal. The CMS that is best for your business depends upon what you are going to be doing with the website, and who is going to manage the content on it. If you need a lot of customized software built into your website, you should choose a system like Joomla or Drupal, while if you're just going to be blogging and you don't need a lot of component software integrated into the website, you should choose a system like WordPress. MCE123 can integrate your website into any Content Management System that you choose, but what is most of all important is that the website works for what you need it to do. We can ensure that this is the case when we choose what platform to build your website with.

The good news about this type of website is that most Content Management Systems are open-source, which means the software is free for commercial use. If you require a custom built CMS website, we can develop something for you using any number of web platforms, such as Flask, or Django. The cost of developing a custom CMS is very expensive compared to using open-source software. Any time we have to custom develop software for your website, this will cost significantly more than if we just use software that can be purchased with a license, or downloaded for free under an open-source software license. What is most important when considering how to have your website built, is that the website does what you need it to do. If your website concept is very complicated, we will likely need to develop customized software for the website, or platform that you want to have developed. In most cases, open-source CMS software can be used with paid licenses for specific component software, in order to build a very flexible website that will meet all of your needs. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock