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MCE123 Technology Development, in close coordination with MCE123 Marketing, has produced an enormous amount of intelligence relating to different industries and technologies that are both emerging and futuristic in nature. Please note that we do not publish the actual dates that we developed the information, in case there is a question about where the information came from – as nearly all of it would be determined to be original from this company.

The public and private sectors are welcome to use the information for educational and entertainment purposes, however if the information is used to develop for-profit systems or technologies, then the company(s) that use the Intellectual Property must have written permission from the MCE123 Company Founder, Patrick R. McElhiney, in order to use the IP.


We also offer services in which we can design specific technologies for you, that would be high-level descriptions that could be used by Patent Lawyers, Engineers, Manufacturing Companies, and many other forms of converting IP into physical products or services.


There are many more invention concepts offline that we have not released at this time. Please check back or contact us if you are looking for something specific.


Intellectual Property Rights Management

This Intellectual Property is protected under International Copyright Laws, and some of it may be protected through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.



If you require the information to use for private or public, non-educational use, then please contact the MCE123 Company Founder to learn about how you can purchase rights to the Intellectual Property, so you have a legal ground to use the Intellectual Property for a defined scope of use tailored to your specific needs.



Educational use is allowed, but please reference any materials, even if it is only an idea that you are using and expanding on with further research, back to the original point of the idea – which is from the IP author.

Example MLA Format Citation:

McElhiney, P.R. Article Name, MCE123 Technology Development, (COPYRIGHT DATE), Retrieved from: on (TODAY’S DATE)

If you require the specific date of the original concept for your research project, please contact us. We keep all information relating to publishing dates and times, usually down to seconds of the day of when the thoughts were originally documented, in a fire-proof locked filing system offline, to avoid other IP Creators from taking the information and creating an arbitrary date that is sooner than ours.


For additional information, contact us:

Patrick R. McElhiney

MCE123 Company Founder

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FAQs of Technology Development

These Are Very Advanced Topics - Where Do You Come Across Them?

We develop them from scratch - they just kind of come to us wherever we are. They aren't necessarily originating from interactions with other people, either. They may come to us at the grocery store, or while we're driving. In fact, there's a high probability that we won't even get the chance to write all of our ideas down, because our activities interfere with the ability to document them. We can't exactly pull out a dictation system (voice recorder) while we are shopping for clothes. In some cases, our ideas are documented in our surveillance systems, which are then later transcribed. But the system isn't automatic. We still must physically and mentally transfer the information into a format that is usable by other people, such as this website. It takes a considerable amount of time.

The reason why you don't see any sources cited, is because these are all original ideas from the MCE123 Company Founder. He doesn't interact with the public very much to get ideas - he's sort of a recluse. He just imagines a future world, and what types of technologies will be in it. It doesn't mean that all of his ideas will become a reality - nor does it mean that he captures all of the ideas. He simply advocates for the advancement of technology through his own thoughts and improvements to existing systems and technologies, just like they have been improved for hundreds of years.

What Makes You Think Your Company Is Entitled To These Invention Concepts?

We don't decide whether or not we have the precedent for any specific technology concept. There may be cases where the technology has been developed by someone else, in the past, before us, and they own the rights to the technology. There are likely a lot of cases of unique concepts coming from us, though we don't actively register them with USPTO - so you may just be able to steal one or two of them without getting caught, if you do so intelligently - but be it known; we do not take the works of other people and/or organizations and claim they are our own. There is no entitlement for anyone with these technologies. They are simply concepts that could be developed further. By whom, we do not know.

Why Do You Come Up With These Concepts?

We really don't know. Maybe it's frustration that the world isn't moving fast enough. Maybe it's an intention to become Trillionaires. Maybe it's an intention to improve the world. Perhaps we're just bored, or we have an ego that we think we can design better technologies than other firms, or improve upon existing technologies in ways that were not previously predicted. Maybe it's all of the above. We really don't spend time over-analyzing our intentions behind what we do - we just do it, and we do it well.

Small Stealth Aircraft

By viewing and/or using this Intellectual Property, you agree to the rights of the IP holder established under the article Intellectual Property Rights Management.


This technology pertains to a small stealth aircraft that is a one-person aircraft, utilizing small jet engines in the wings and a large jet aircraft in the fuselage. Once the aircraft is in the air, the small jet engines are adequate to glide the plane. The large jet engine is capable of travelling at super-sonic speeds. The aircraft has an auto-pilot program, and there is a specially designed flight simulator for the aircraft, due to the small size and the aerodynamics of the small aircraft resembling a stealth alien ship.


There would be issues with controlling the aircraft, travelling at such high speeds. It would need a special type of navigation system that can anticipate all of the different wind speeds and directions, and manipulate the aircraft's wings and ailerons to glide through the air like a programmable bullet.

Technology to Scan Jet Aircraft & Missiles for Presence of Weapons

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This technology would basically be an optical / radio frequency scanning technology that would be able to scan an aircraft from miles away and determine if the aircraft is carrying weapons, and even how much fuel is on-board the jet aircraft.

This technology could also be used to scan missiles while they are early on in their flight, especially to check for different types of warheads, and determining if there is a MIRV system onboard, or if it is another type of kill vehicle or kinetic bomb.

For intercepts, scanning missiles for active parts such as nuclear warheads could help to disable the components of a MIRV system after re-entry by using multiple precision kill vehicles that destroy the warheads upon re-entry in the case that an ICBM or SCBM is not able to be destroyed during its initial ascent into the atmosphere. This would obviously be a last ditch effort, but it is necessary to consider so there are backup options to destroying re-entry vehicles and their different components.

This same technology could be used to penetrate through cloaked shielding on jet aircraft to examine signatures on the inside of the materials, such as the jet fuel, warheads, etc. that may usually be hidden to conventional radar, but when scanning for the signatures of specific elements, the aircraft or missiles could be identified even if they are jamming radar systems.

Mini-Jet Engine

By viewing and/or using this Intellectual Property, you agree to the rights of the IP holder established under the article Intellectual Property Rights Management.


This technology pertains to a mini-jet engine for small aircraft, including stealth UAVs, single-person stealth aircraft, and other small aircraft such as a lit drop UAV, robotic aircraft, platform aircraft for robotics and robotic transportation, small aircraft for space transportation, and other types of aircraft.