Technology Development


MCE123 Technology Development, in close coordination with MCE123 Marketing, has produced an enormous amount of intelligence relating to different industries and technologies that are both emerging and futuristic in nature. Please note that we do not publish the actual dates that we developed the information, in case there is a question about where the information came from – as nearly all of it would be determined to be original from this company.

The public and private sectors are welcome to use the information for educational and entertainment purposes, however if the information is used to develop for-profit systems or technologies, then the company(s) that use the Intellectual Property must have written permission from the MCE123 Company Founder, Patrick R. McElhiney, in order to use the IP.


We also offer services in which we can design specific technologies for you, that would be high-level descriptions that could be used by Patent Lawyers, Engineers, Manufacturing Companies, and many other forms of converting IP into physical products or services.

More Articles...

  1. Intellectual Property Rights Management
  2. Small Stealth Aircraft
  3. Technology to Scan Jet Aircraft & Missiles for Presence of Weapons
  4. Technology to Disable Weapons on Jet Aircraft
  5. Mini-Jet Engine
  6. Pulse Aircraft Engine
  7. High-Resolution 4D Modeling with Character Model Creation and Scenery Model Creation
  8. AI That Writes Computer Code
  9. FAQs of Artificial Telepathy
  10. Optogenetics Sequencer
  11. Six Sigma - Development of Artificial Telepathy Processes
  12. Laws, Security Issues, and Privacy Issues Regarding Geospatial Telepathic Surveillance Technology
  13. Sex Relationship Transcription System and Progress of Sexual Relationship Tracking System
  14. Intelligence and Communications
  15. Significant Other Personal Relationship Correlation System
  16. Modernization of Chip Feature at Checkout
  17. Inter-Cellular Pico-Cybernetics Technology
  18. Barriers to Entry into Implant Technology Market
  19. Elon Musk’s Brain Cybernetics Device(s)
  20. Educational Monitoring System (EDUMSYS)
  21. Educational Classroom Recording System (EDURSYS)
  22. Magnetic and Super-Magnetic Conduit
  23. Clear Pico-Circuitry Technology
  24. Quantum Matter
  25. Super-Insulator Materials
  26. Clear Nano-Circuitry Technology
  27. All-One-Piece Super-Magnetic Coil Technology
  28. Collective Metal Shielding
  29. Multi-Energy Type Transfer Conduit
  30. Improved LED Design
  31. Clear Silicon Micro Circuitry Technology
  32. Automated Manufacturing Technology
  33. Standardized Electronics Manufacturing Technology
  34. Improved Electronic Components Robotic Manufacturing Technology
  35. IDS Physical RADIUS - Multi-Layer Encryption - Algorithm Timing
  36. 3DES / Logical RADIUS with Algorithms
  37. Robotic Warming Reshape Lipstick
  38. Women’s Elastic Velcro Underwear
  39. Space Suit Bikinis
  40. Electronic Velcro Underwear Straps
  41. Bubble Wrap Dress
  42. Laser Dance Club Drink Creator
  43. Hyper-Food Generation Manufacturing Equipment Line
  44. Geospatial Light Emission Fabric
  45. Geospatial Optical Conveyor
  46. Portable Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems
  47. Geospatial Active, Linear, and Complex Mind Study System
  48. Scientific and Leadership Indirect Psychological Study
  49. Automatic Synchronization of Pharmacy Records with Doctors
  50. Psychological Sensing Technology
  51. Health and Safety Issues Computing System
  52. Cellular Imaging and Cellular Health Systems
  53. Cloud Computing – OneDrive, Google Drive, or Other Cloud Drive Services as Backup Services
  54. Large Plasma or LCD Screen on Wall
  55. Personal Relationship Communications Device
  56. System Time Update Activation or Temporary Allowance for SSL Certificates
  57. Improvement to Twitter
  58. Similar Password Failed Login Allowance
  59. POP3 Capture Sent Messages, Place in IMAP Account
  60. Program to Synchronize History Between Different Internet Browsers
  61. 3D & 4D Implementations of Graph Databases
  62. USB With Status Lights
  63. Computers with Multiple Wireless Adapters
  64. Improvements to Facebook
  65. Improvements to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Other E-mail & Contacts & Calendar Providers
  66. Possible Weakness in Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
  67. Improvements to E-mail Programs / Protocols / Systems
  68. Improvements to Joomla
  69. Improvement to Office 2016 / 365
  70. Better OCR Recognition
  71. Improvement of Calendar Synchronization
  72. Voice Recorder Technological Improvements
  73. The Future of Laptops and Desktops
  74. Three-Dimensional Website Design Programming Language / Modelling
  75. Compartments of Cloud Technologies
  76. New Futuristic Voice Recorder
  77. Cloud Computing – Continue Uploads, Download of Files That Have Changed Name
  78. Information Technology Updates to Existing Systems
  79. Microsoft Software Improvements
  80. Request to Become WatchGuard Beta Tester
  81. Microsoft System that Automates Systematic Improvements
  82. Spherical Light Emission
  83. Multi-Layered Optical Technology
  84. 3D Optical Dual Laser Cutter / Programmer
  85. Dark Laser
  86. Rotational-Directional Programmed Light Emission
  87. Light Filters
  88. Clear Silicon Micro Optical Circuitry Technology
  89. Clear Silicon Pico-Optical Circuitry Technology
  90. Optical-to-Magnetic Technology
  91. Optical-to-Voltage Technology
  92. Clear Silicon Nano-Optical Circuitry Technology
  93. Sub-Quantum Light Filtration
  94. Optical Differential Magnetic Fields
  95. Dark Optical Emitter Technology
  96. Optical Memory Technical Specifications
  97. Quantum Computing – Using Particle Photons to Carry Q-Bits
  98. Pico Optical Implant
  99. Spatial Laser Scanner
  100. Multi-Layered Optical Circuitry