Technology Development Services

Invention Legal Services

We can help you or your company develop, protect, and even litigate your invention concept(s). We have our own Legal Department, in which we can provide your project with exclusive access to legal services that fit the needs of your invention concept. There is no other company like MCE123, because we have specializations in the creation and the protection, as well as the engineering of high-tech concepts that only could have originated from MCE123. Contact us today to set up a retainer for your Invention Legal Services with MCE123 Technology Development and MCE123 Legal Department. We are here to help you accomplish your organizational and intellectual property development goals.

Invention Concept Development

As evident by our Technology Development Projects, we design and develop concepts that can be patented and secured under Intellectual Property Laws. If you have an idea for a concept, but you don't know how to describe and detail how the invention would work, we can prepare documentation that can be used in Provisional Patent Applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We work under multiple sets of laws to develop our concepts, including Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents, and there are many different ways to secure an idea under a contract with our company, in which we can produce an explanation that describes how your idea will work under Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and/or other Engineering application domains. We have the knowledge and experience to do what other companies cannot predict or copy, because our methods and processes are unique.

Technology Prototype Development

We provide the service of taking a technological idea, and turning it into a physical prototype that can be submitted to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for the application of a Patent of your idea. We have a background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and other types of Engineering, through our autonomous organization, MCE123 Technology Development. We know and have experience in taking an idea, either written or spoken, and turning it into an electronic device that works as a proof of concept. Without this service, you can only apply for a Provisional Patent, in which you only have (1) one year to file a complete Patent application. With this service, you can either file for the Provisional Patent before you contract with us, or you can file for the complete Patent after we have created your prototype.

The cost for this service varies widely based on what the idea or concept for the technology is. Prices range from $30,000 for simple devices such as household electronics, to multiple millions of dollars for more complex devices such as satellites or spacecraft. We have experience in building smaller electronic devices, however we also design larger concepts that can be purchased and we can engineer the concept(s) into a working product. You need to look at the big picture when you invest into the creation of electronic devices, which is how much would the company make to sell, potentially, millions, or even billions of the devices.

Please do not send us your ideas prior to establishing a legal contract that outlines the terms of who owns the intellectual property, and you have paid the agreed amount that is required before a legal contract can exist. If you send us your ideas pre-maturely, we cannot guarantee that your idea will not be secured with a Patent, as we are not the USPTO. You need to secure the intellectual property for your idea prior to contacting MCE123 Technology Development.

We do provide legal services through MCE123 Legal Department, if we have a paid contract with your company or yourself, however we cannot guarantee distinctiveness of your invention without a paid contract. It is important to understand the difference between the information relating to your idea, and the legal definition of an invention. Under U.S. laws, you must have a working device in order to have a Patent on that idea. Otherwise, other firms and individuals are welcome to try to Patent something similar without your consent. We only provide legal representation to paying clients.

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