Technology Development Projects

Enhanced Earthmover Technology

This invention concept pertains to either vehicles or machinery that deals with moving large amounts of the earth that may include soil, rock, or even hardened lava, for repurposing lands that are currently uninhabitable. An example would be breaking apart large stretches of hardened lava or rock that has pummeled a landscape by either volcanic activity, or through some other type of major event such as a rock slide or mud slide. These types of natural events can occur in rural areas like California after wildfires, and Hawaii due to volcanic activity. There is a need to have equipment that can repurpose land, by moving large amounts of rock or Earth, which may need equipment that can break up the rock into smaller pieces, such as by using lasers or diamond coated blades. The equipment would need to be mobile, so that it can cut or grind up large pieces of rock, and then cart it offsite where it can be processed further.

Universal Flu Vaccination

There is a lot of potential in creating a flu vaccine that would make us immune to all currently known strains and all potential future strains of the flu. This vaccine would work either by blocking the receptor sites that strains of the flu generally attack or making a generalized flu strain that allows the human body to mutate the strain into any possible strain of the flu, and thus develop a resistance to any of those strains. It could involve some type of bio-engineered disease, or some type of bio-engineered technology.

Improvements to LinkedIn

We think that LinkedIn should make their invitation system allow users to delete old contacts that have been taken from their address books of various e-mail accounts, or that have otherwise been imported. This concept developed because we have a lot of contacts that show up as “Invite”, that they are for email addresses of people that don’t even use those addresses anymore, so it just clogs up the add connections dialogue – because you have to scroll through all of the old contact information to see what other active members are available, kind of staggered in-between the old contacts.

LinkedIn should make an option where we can just delete all of the data it collected and start fresh or have a manual deletion option for each specific item.

LinkedIn should also fix the problem with images not showing up correctly in the chat dialogues – this happened to us even when communicating with a LinkedIn staff member.

Suggested Improvements to Slack Desktop

This isn’t really an invention concept, but rather a suggestion for improvements to Slack Desktop, which is used commonly within software development environments. Due to the high number of computers that we use at MCE123, for various purposes, including the Company Founder’s multiple laptops used for school purposes, and multiple laptops and desktops used within the company, in addition to several servers, we suggest that the sign-on experience for Slack Desktop allow for a single sign-on capability, that allows all of the email / password combinations for various slack channels to be stored within a single sign-on, and then the user can select which workspace(s) they want to interact with on specific systems. Without this, we are literally pulling out our hair every time we add a new workspace, because we may need to add the workspace on the upwards of 8 different computer systems.

Further improvement suggestions may follow in the future.

3D Interpolation of Computer Vision

This invention concept pertains to an Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision system that is able to interpolate objects in high resolution video streams and interpolate their individual components, such as the clothes that a person is wearing, or their muscle structure, and have the ability to in real time modify the appearance of the person either by changing their clothing through software, or modifying their muscle structure through 3d blending – like the Photoshop of video feeds, however it wouldn’t work quite like Photoshop because the system would actually build real-time 3d models of objects and their attributes, and then have the ability to re-render those objects and their attributes in a different perspective – such as making someone’s muscles larger – and they could be wearing the same clothing, or different clothing.

This was only one example of the technology, however there are many other examples for uses of this technology. The technology could be used by autonomous vehicles to detect possible dangers in other autonomous vehicles by scanning their parts using penetrating radio waves that build 3d models of the interiors of the autonomous vehicles. The technology could also be used by missile guidance systems, in order to accurately identify enemy targets by building a 3d environment of the surroundings and then locating a specific target within that 3d environment, and guiding its self to that target – for an example having a special type of sensor that detects nuclear particles could lead it to detect where nuclear weapons are being stored, so that that target could be hit.

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