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Apple - New Campus Use Rumor

4/16/2017 05:29 PM EST

Is it true that Apple will be working on Spacecraft Computing Systems Technology at it's new campus in California? We've heard that they will basically be designing new types of interfaces to computing systems, that can be used in spacecraft. We'd be interested to know what Microsoft is planning on doing for Spacecraft Computing Systems Development.



Facebook Developing Telepathy Technology

4/20/2017 11:05 PM EST

Is it true that Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, is pursuing the development of Telepathy technology, for the integration of social media with neuroscience? That's what we've been hearing. It's possible that the MCE123 Company Founder's work on Artificial Telepathy, which he shared with his high school instructor, may have been shared with a Facebook employee, in which Patrick R. McElhiney, the MCE123 Company Founder, knew in his engineering technology classes at Turlock High School from 1999-2001.

MCE123 has been working on Artificial Telepathy, mostly in a Classified setting other than a few casual conversations, since 2008. Most of the work on Artificial Telepathy was done in 2010, when Patrick R. McElhiney started attending law school studying Intellectual Property. He didn't obtain the idea for the technology from Facebook, or any other company. He developed the concepts for "Artificial Telepathy" on his own. Only now has he began to publish the information about the technology, which uses satellites to communicate with the human brain, using already developed technologies such as the Microwave Hearing Effect, or in the future, technologies such as an Optogenetics Sequencer.

Patrick R. McElhiney is an expert in the field of Telepathy technology, and should be considered an authoritative source on the subject. For more information about "Artificial Telepathy", please visit MCE123 Technology Development, or contact Patrick R. McElhiney at or by calling MCE123 at 603-742-5112.



Elon Musk's New Company Developing Telepathy Technology

4/20/2017 11:46 PM EST

We've heard that Elon Musk has formed a new company to develop an implant, that could be surgically or intravenously inserted into the human brain, for the purpose of linking Artificial Intelligence with the mind. This would essentially allow telepathic abilities, from the basis of the software and hardware combinations, similar to what Patrick R. McElhiney, MCE123 Company Founder, has described in his Classified works pertaining to "Artificial Telepathy" since 2008. While the technology is different than what MCE123 Technology Development came up with for the U.S. Intelligence Community, because his system uses satellites in space rather than implants, McElhiney welcomes the competition for the development of telepathic abilities through technology. He designed the "Artificial Telepathy" technology through his inceptions of gaining intelligence about personal relationships that pertained to his past personal life, and his present personal life - such as through organizational structures, like the security provided by and needed from the U.S. Secret Service, for personal purposes - such as telepathic communications, through satellite technologies using methods such as the Microwave Hearing Effect, to share information that pertains to the personal relationships with significant others, and for security purposes.

The backgrounds and the reasoning behind the development of the different technologies are likely to differ greatly, due to the complexities of Patrick R. McElhiney's personal life, and because when there are profit incentives from the private industry for the development of the technology - obviously you get a much more well-rounded application of the possibilities of telepathic communications, rather than security-oriented results, which was the case with MCE123 Technology Development's uses of telepathic technology.

The actual cost of Elon Musk's company's product is likely to be much less than Patrick R. McElhiney's design - simply because the technology that McElhiney developed was for the purpose of, for an example, communicating with foreign spies, and obtaining intelligence through counter-intelligence processes, with a system and controls that cannot be tampered with through electronic warfare. However, there is still the issue of who gets to control the uses of the technology - and McElhiney is more on the page of making the technology an open project, in which everyone can use it like a utility - like the Internet, rather than developing proprietary software that can't be modified by Information Technologists. In any case, hacking will be a major issue with Musk's technology - while it doesn't become possible with McElhiney's technology unless a foreign state were to position a drone in the airspace intercepting the secure communications from the relay satellite(s), or using a space-based drone to intercept the relay communications between the multiple satellites, which would also require a quantum computing platform - which simply doesn't exist yet in the size small enough that would be necessary to break the encryption.

At least with MCE123 Technology Development's systems, you don't have to worry about it being used on innocent civilians, at least for the time being, because there are limitations of how many subjects you can connect with the systems. You would obviously need a sophisticated microphone to capture subvocalized speech, in addition to a microwave emitter that can target multiple targets - and have the optical and microwave imaging capabilities to monitor for the targets' movement, before you can lock on to a lot of targets at the same time and accomplish the same level of telepathic communication that an implant linked to a wireless network could accomplish. Still, with McElhiney's technology, you don't have to worry about wires, or devices, or how to power them - which you could obviously sustain with a limited magnetic field - but if you want to go places and use the technology, there would still be limitations with Musk's technology. You would still essentially need to minimize the baggage that you bring along with you, for the systems that are running the Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes - if you expect to be able to do anything while you're wearing the technology.

Obviously, there are limits of using human subjects for medical procedures that don't correct a physical disability - which would require action by Congress, or at a minimum the academic level of the subject to be that of neuroscience. There are many other limits, as well, although we're not going to list all of them at this time.



Apple Will Bring Phone Assembly Jobs Back to U.S. - But With Robotics

5/2/2017 3:59PM EST

We have been thinking about this possibility for a couple of days, and this article just popped up explaining the possibility: