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The following works are currently under development by MCE123 Policy Research Center, as long-term processes of improving the quality of work of MCE123 and Patrick R. McElhiney

  • An Approach to Russia's Counter-Intelligence, by MCE123 Policy Research Center
    • This study pertains to dealing with Russia's counter-intelligence operations. It will not be published publicly, but is made available through progressive works of the MCE123 Policy Research Center in Classified systems for military and Congressional decision makers.
    • This study pertains to the information gathering and analytical processes that pertain to the exploitation of Russian intelligence agencies, directly and indirectly. It addresses the issue of the 2016 Election Meddling and Hacking by Russia's foreign intelligence community. Specifically, it has accurately determined major decision making processes and acts by Russia, in regards to the United States, and other meddling, such as with France, Germany, Turkey, and many other nations. It pertains to the root cause of the election meddling, and the development of a comprehensive strategy to deal with Russia's actions. It is meant as a solution to the problems that have developed since the election meddling, including the pro-Trump movement in Russia, and how to overcome the security challenges it poses to the U.S. Administration and lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
  • POTUS Campaign, by MCE123 Policy Research Center
    • This study pertains to the development of national and international politics to bring attention to issues that commonly do not get attention in the United States, including foreign policy positions, national security positions, privacy positions, technology and industry development positions, economic positions, and other types of positions that pertain to Presidential politics.
    • This study is available through Classified channels, while the positions represented are not necessarily those of Patrick R. McElhiney or MCE123.

MCE123 Company’s View on Healthcare Bill

The MCE123 Company Founder has so many pre-existing conditions, that he would not be able to afford to pay for his healthcare, in a system in which a lack of treatment would lead to further legal problems, not to mention severe disability – including severe pain and suffering, even if only for a day without his medications. This is the chief complaint about Trump Care – because it would cost the MCE123 Company Founder more than he makes with his employment and company, combined, to treat his pre-existing conditions under the proposed legislation.

You must weigh the costs to the legal system to take on a case like this, compared to the costs associated with the healthcare. I’m sure any economist will tell you – the healthcare costs less than the legal case. That is why we are willing to settle for the healthcare – nothing more, and nothing less than what we have been receiving under Obamacare.

Anything else, and it becomes a legal case in which all the evidence (healthcare data) will overpower any legislative, executive, or judicial movement to limit the healthcare.

With the healthcare, the MCE123 Company Founder has been productive – as evident by this website.

We are not trying to legalize marijuana with this case, or do anything else that is illegal – this is a case about basic medical services that are necessary for a quality of life that is necessary for the MCE123 Company Founder to be productive in society.

When a time comes that the MCE123 Company Founder can pay for his healthcare services, such as when he makes over $90,000 a year in income, then he will pay for the services as required under Obamacare. It is not in the too far distant future that the MCE123 Company Founder will be making such a level of income – however the development activities that allow him to reach for such an income cannot occur without the healthcare services.

When a time comes that the MCE123 Company Founder makes at least $250,000 a year in income, he can begin to highly consider either funding public programs that help to provide the types of services that he has and does need, in addition to paying for his own services, or paying back payments towards what he has used as far as services, to achieve such heightened rate of pay.

Concerns Over Trump Care, and Cuts to Obamacare

MCE123 Policy Research Center is concerned with cuts that are trying to be made to the healthcare bill that President Obama enacted. Specifically, because of Patrick R. McElhiney’s reliance on public resources, due to multiple chronic medical conditions, he really needs all the healthcare that he can get. Without it – he becomes unproductive. He takes approximately 5 different medications, and stopping any one of them can cause significant changes to his ability to function.

McElhiney also believes in minimizing costs, which is why so much of the regulation is necessary – because it essentially limits the costs that providers can charge to services like Medicaid.

We would be in support of any healthcare bill that doesn’t allow any of the states to drop out of the program, and doesn’t take away any services to people with considerable health conditions, such as pre-existing conditions. However, the moment that any services are taken away, we would quickly proceed forward with swift legal action.

McElhiney is willing to pay for his healthcare if he is making over $45,000 a year – so perhaps dropping the income guidelines for what qualifies for a Medicaid fee waiver would work well. There’s no reason someone making $45,000 or more a year can’t afford to pay their own Medicaid premiums, if they aren’t excessive. However, for students and professionals with disadvantaged businesses, they really need the services that Obamacare provides – and that is why we are against any movement in the healthcare debate.

We have nothing against Trump – we just can’t function without the services, and even with the services, the conditions do not just go away.

Issues with an Open Internet

MCE123 doesn’t take any positions that are politically leaning towards either Democrats or Republicans, however the issue of having an Open Internet is an important one to consider for MCE123, since we rely heavily on Internet connectivity – for everything from Cloud Computing, to hosting this company website.

Privacy Issues

The privacy of our data is our chief concern, because we handle sensitive information, sometimes that we often search for relevant intelligence sources pertaining to the topics – so the idea of our searches and Internet traffic being able to be sold to other companies besides our ISPs is a nightmare scenario. Like the issue of us being hacked in 2015 by the Russian Federation, the gathering or dissemination of Classified military intelligence is a significant threat to World Order. If the public monitors our Internet Traffic, there would be more competition in the market place based on our internal processes – because companies would specifically purchase data pertaining to MCE123 – and that data would be used to compete with the company, that already has difficulties generating revenue streams because of its’ 12+ year processes to develop new technologies. While this may be good for the industry, it would negatively affect us specifically, and undermine our right to Federal Privacy, not only under military intelligence laws, but also under the U.S. Constitution.

If, however, we were paid for our Internet traffic being sold – we would consider that option.

If our Internet traffic is sold outright without our involvement, then we will ultimately be crippled from inventing any new technologies, because we will essentially be wasting our time in trying to invent the technologies and secure the rights to them, because a Big Brother in the private industry would be able to produce the results based off of a simple search query, into patentable information, within hours if not within days.

We deserve to be compensated for our intelligence, and our involvement in producing intelligence for the U.S. Federal Government makes us extremely susceptible to third-party encroachment upon our Intellectual Property rights. We have even contacted Congress, requesting that the Internet traffic of MCE123 be placed on a secured VPN trunk to the Pentagon, to avoid any un-necessary disclosures, and to improve communications between MCE123 and the Federal Government. Obviously there would be questions about what we are doing, such as controlling aspects of the U.S. Intelligence Community through our intelligence – especially with respects to MCE123 Policy Research Center, and MCE123 Security Department – but that information would be compelled as evidence in any case, anyways – so it really doesn’t make any difference if we have control or not – because we will always have the ability to influence the Federal Government in the right ways – because of our IP.

Cyber Stalking

There would be the issue of cyber stalking, not only for personal reasons, but also for professional reasons – such as the ability of third parties to be able to profile the MCE123 Company Founder, because of his intentions to run for President of the United States, and this could ultimately undermine the ability of the Executive Department to function under any President but McElhiney, due to the sensitivity of the intelligence background, and the amount of information that would be available for cyber stalkers to essentially lobby in a backdoor into the Oval Office through extortion of Patrick R. McElhiney’s internet traffic. It could also lead to people specifically travelling to get sightings of McElhiney, such as by using the private industry to triangulate his position based on his cell phone. This would allow basically any woman with a significant amount of money to stalk Patrick McElhiney, potentially without his knowledge, as if she just randomly met him, but would actually have the ability to profile him, and monitor what he does on his computers – for the company, and even for personal purposes. This would ultimately create a security nightmare for the U.S. Secret Service – because people trying to establish personal relationships with persons that are in protected classes, such as future Presidential candidates, are the hardest to protect from, because they are so personalized. If it happened, Patrick R. McElhiney may actually have to establish statutory law that prohibits people from stalking him – in general, and it may even require a full-time security detail of FBI and Secret Service agents to monitor persons of interest.

Ethical Considerations

Patrick McElhiney isn’t busy at work starting wars with foreign nations – he’s improving the Government for the better. All MCE123 asks is that he be allowed his privacy from persons that intend to stalk him because of his professional intentions. He realizes this is essentially closing doors of people that could be interested in marrying him, potentially with large sums of money – but people need to understand that financial attributes of people are not in the interest of MCE123 with regards to protecting the MCE123 Company Founder. It doesn’t discriminate based on wealth – and neither does McElhiney. It’s simply the issue that it empowers the rich to get richer, by taking away rights from Patrick McElhiney that he needs to protect his company, and for his company to protect him from potential security threats.

He in no way wants to discourage people from pursuing personal relationships, if that is what they intend, however – people should not be able to purchase the data associated with Patrick McElhiney’s, or MCE123’s Internet usage, as it could compromise Trade Secrets, Classified Intelligence, and both Corporate and Personal Security of the MCE123 Company Founder.


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