Interested in Investing into MCE123?

We are currently open to options that are presented to us regarding investing activities from private and public funding. The Intellectual Property in MCE123 Technology Development is valued to be worth approximately $17 Billion USD, based on our calculations as of January 2017, and it is likely to increase significantly in detail, or the details to which the inventions and concepts are explained, over the next several years. We do not disclose the inventions that we produce and hold rights to for defense sector projects, at least not to the public. We are simply looking to get a feel for establishing a headquarters somewhere in the United States for R&D, engineering, deployment and operations.

We are most likely going to establish a headquarters in a small town, and then hire employees and pay them to move to us based on their specific skills sets that we need to develop our inventions further, including further developing and securing the Intellectual Property, developing prototypes, filing for legal protections, and manufacturing examples of different models of the inventions that will then, depending upon the type of invention, may go into mass-production and marketed and sold in the global economy.

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