Information Technology (IT) Services

Advanced Website Programming

MCE123 has created advanced websites with programs, using languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery, Java, Flash, Swift, Perl, and PHP. We have also worked on back-end database management programs, with languages such as C# and Java. We have deployed these websites with programs and back-end database management programs on both Windows Server and Linux, including CentOS, Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and Ubuntu. We are familiar with both development and production environments.


MCE123 has developed the following types of features with these Advanced Websites:

  • Account Management, including Password Recovery and Change Password

  • Account Overview, including the summary of all account details

  • Data Management (Writes, Access, Updates)

  • Data Manipulation, both by the user and by the website applications

  • Data Verification, both through limitations on submissions by the website applications, and the use of JavaScript to require specific patterns of data in the website forms

  • Formatting, including changing information to fit the formatting needs of specific style sheets and information areas

  • Information Security, including User Access with password hash and salt fields

  • Profile Management, including changing custom attributes

  • Searching, including dealing with different forms of data and limiting inputs to specified formats using RegEx and Patterns


MCE123 has also worked on search engines for these advanced websites, including the following features:

  • Creating Matches from Searches

  • Crontab entries for automatically running the applications

  • Data Manipulation

  • Data Formatting

  • Sending Specific Updates to Specific Users, based on the data in the database

  • Status Reporting


Based on our experiences, we are comfortable working on a wide variety of different types of advanced websites, including:

  • Business / Company Websites

    • Small Businesses

    • Medium-sized Businesses

    • Large Businesses

    • Enterprise Businesses

  • Chat Websites

  • Dating Websites

  • Government Websites

  • Political Websites

  • Social Engineering Websites

  • Social Media Websites

  • School / University Websites


Contact MCE123 today to learn more about the wide range of IT and Marketing Services that we offer to organizations and persons like yourself. We have skilled talent ready to take on projects of any size, and if a project is too big - we can hire more programmers. We have experience managing large projects with lots of programmers - so don't worry, your project will get done on time with MCE123!

DevOps Services

MCE123 has provided complex DevOps Services in the past for large organizations, including:

  • Automated Instance Creation, Deployment, and Shutdown

    • Development of a custom program that manages Terraform to deploy dozens or more instances with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other providers, with custom configurations based off of a master configuration file that uses custom templating integrated with Django to configure the instances based off of an input of a list of e-mail addresses. Created multiple instances running Jupyter iPython Notebook.

      • Written in Python by MCE123 Company Founder, Summer of 2017.

    • Custom Docker Containers inside the AWS Instances

  • API Integration with Multiple Online Services, such as:

    • GitHub

      • Add / Remove Users

      • Creation of Repositories

      • Publish Repositories

      • Update Repositories

    • Google Apps

      • GDrive for Linux

      • Google Hangouts

    • Microsoft Office 365 Online

      • OneDrive for Linux

    • Slack

      • Automatic Creation of Channels

      • Bots


For more information about how MCE123's DevOps Services can be customized to your organization's needs, please contact us through this website. We have experience with complex application integrations, and we know how to build a solution that can automate your most complex IT operations - to save time, save money, and make things easier on your IT staff.

Preventative Security and Maintenance

We offer an excellent preventative maintenance service for organizations of any size, or for individuals or families. We can deploy security software to scan for active infections, and remove them if they are present, as well as backup your files, and make necessary changes to system settings. We are highly experienced with Windows and Linux, and we can customize a solution for your systems, regardless of what condition they are in.

We can also check the hardware settings, and check for failing hard drives, and fix most hardware related problems, including with laptops. We have over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of different types of systems, including desktops, laptops, and servers, and we can even provide preventative maintenance for your mobile computing devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Regardless of your budget, we can work with you to come up with a solution that works for your own needs or the needs of your organization. We can deploy servers that lock down desktops into specific security settings that prevent them from being compromised by malware, and we can install a hardware security system that prevents hackers and other types of cybercriminals from obtaining your information or modifying information on your devices.

We even offer physical security services for your systems, including the installation of locking server cabinets with alarm systems, computer locks for desktops and laptops, and device tracking for mobile phones and tablets and even some laptops. This can include the installation of smart locks, alarm systems, video surveillance, and other smart devices – all working on your encrypted wireless network.

We are fully CompTIA A+ certified for both hardware and software functions, in addition to Microsoft Certified. Let us look at your problems, and diagnose the issues, and then come up with a plan that fits your budget. Let’s get your systems running the way they should be running. We have highly experienced personnel that can diagnose any of your systematic issues, including computer networking issues such as poor Wi-Fi coverage. We can fix any problem that you throw at us!

Server Configuration Services

Don’t you hate it when you buy a brand-new server, and it is never setup the way you like it? Or are you stuck with an old server that just isn’t configured properly?

MCE123 is experienced in setting up both Windows and Linux servers of all types and sizes, whether they be SAS or RAID – we know what we are doing with servers, including virtual servers and host systems.

Whether you need a development environment setup, or a production system that will run your entire company’s web presence, MCE123 knows what to do to get the server(s) setup properly and working exactly the way you need it.

We guarantee our services will be everything that you had hoped for, within reasonable accommodations, or they’re free of charge.

Server Migration Services

Changing from one server to another can literally be a nightmare scenario if you don’t have the right person doing the work for you. At MCE123, we’re experts with server migrations, from Windows to Linux, or from Linux to Windows, as well as other types of server environments that are less common.

You must watch for things in your websites, such as issues with the way the database is called, whether it be to localhost or, which can differ depending upon the server type, and the naming conventions of your database tables and database names – such as if they’re all lower case, all upper case, or a mix – because that can make a difference as well. Additionally, issues such as having the right server configuration can make the difference.

It really takes an expert to be able to debug all the issues, and get your websites running on the new platform(s) – that’s why you need to hire MCE123 to do the work for you. Otherwise you’ll have this twisting effect in your gut when your boss is asking you what’s wrong with the server migration, and you don’t have the right answers to provide them.

We also have experience converting code that was created in either a Linux or Windows environment, such as .exe files, and making them run on either Windows or Linux – if you have the source code. We can port engines that run your backend into Linux from Windows, or from Linux to Windows – possibly with some changes to source code being necessary, unless if it’s written in Java. We’re also highly experienced with Java runtime environments on Windows and Linux.

We’re experienced with many different types of installations of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Perl – on Windows and Linux. We also pick up on the issues easily, through debugging processes. Even if we need to change source code – we know what we are doing. We’re programmers with over 15 years of experience in the industry.