Quality Assurance and Understanding Our Customers, Internally and Externally, is Our Business

At MCE123, we are constantly improving the processes and methods in which we provide and gather intelligence to industry leaders, business owners, customers, and stakeholders, so that they can better make decisions about purchases, investments, and process development.

We employ a process of Six Sigma that strives to improve how we operate as a business, not only for our customers who purchase products and services from us, but also the average website user, which may be the head of a Fortune 100 Company, may be a prospective customer 8,000 miles away, may be a neighbor down the street from us, or may be someone who just wants to learn more about what makes MCE123 such a successful company.

We don’t measure our success by the amount of money we generate – we measure our success by how influential we are in the industry. For this reason, we may give away valuable Intellectual Property – even to competitors, because we are planting the seeds of growth for our company – whether that be the professional life of the MCE123 Company Founder, or the daily operations of the company as it exists within the global economy.

Other firms are unable to compete with us – they join us in our pursuit of providing better quality products and services, and establishing leadership roles within the industries that we supply intelligence to. It isn’t necessarily that we provided the intelligence that made the difference – it’s that another firm, or another individual, can take the intelligence that we develop, and produce something from it – whether it be a product or service, or a process, or possibly an entirely new type of organizational structure – or even the realization of existing organizational structures that our customer base was not aware of.

The MCE123 Company Founder oversees 13 separate departments, including 4 different types of organizations, all within the same company. He grew up in poverty, and therefore he is overly generous in providing knowledge to the industry, in which he would like to work more closely with in the future to develop better products, services, and processes – whether they be from manufacturing or development environments.

View our entire website, and we promise you, by the time you’re done looking at everything – there will be even more information available for you to view. It’s just how precise our business model is with providing intelligence to the industries that we work in. If you’re not completely satisfied with the viewing of our website, please Contact Us and let us know how we can improve the website, or the content, or the intelligence processes that we use to create the intelligence – and we’ll listen to your suggestions, regardless of who you are. All we ask is that if you use any of our intelligence in your business, to please credit MCE123SM Organizations, solely owned and operated by Patrick R. McElhiney – inventor, businessman, marketer, IT and Technology Development expert, and so much more…