We are currently only offering unpaid internships, as well as contractible IP service agreements.


 Internships (unpaid)

 Develop the skills that you need for the future of the world’s markets, by learning about technologies and systems that are being designed by MCE123. Concentrations include website design, software engineering, space engineering, intelligence community invention development, and other fields.

 Please e-mail your resume to with a Cover Letter explaining how you can benefit MCE123, in addition to two letters of recommendation from the past six months in the professional field you intend to work in. Academic letters of recommendation are acceptable.

We are accepting internships in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Medical Technology, and Aeronautics and Space Engineering.


Contractible IP Service / Use Agreements

Retired U.S. military with Top Secret clearance as a minimum, preferably with knowledge and experience working with Special Compartmentalized Intelligence, counter-intelligence studies, intellectually hostile work environments – such as the development as counter-intelligence to study the inventions that will be needed by the Intelligence Community and Military Leaders in the future.

You will be an independent contractor on an IP-basis, which means you retain ownership of your Intellectual Property. If you want MCE123 to help you develop your intellectual property, there may be fees or rights attached to such intelligence, such as payment upon completion or sale. If you already have IP you would like to incorporate into MCE123, then we will establish contracts defining how we can use the IP for further development of inventions, and what your stake is in further developments with said IP, and what rights you have if we sell the completed IP and/or any IP stemming from your IP – if we cannot get the IP from another source.

E-mail any respective executive summaries, including information detailing how much information you have on the specific invention(s), and explain your perceived value of the IP. Please do not send your IP to MCE123 unless you have an agreement with us already, and you have followed our guidelines for encrypting the data.

Please note that we use wiretap services to study the security apparatus, and we are in communication with foreign governments, so it is possible that your IP could be intercepted by the NSA, which is why we highly recommend speaking with the MCE123 Company Founder in person, and providing any detailed IP documents on copy protected paper such as “Kan’t Kopy” paper, including instructions of how to dispose of the intelligence when we have completed whatever we need to do with it.


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