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History of the Company

MCE123 was originally founded under the "MCE" brand in 1999, which corresponded to the first three letters of the family name that was given to the Company Founder, Patrick R. McElhiney, on October 18th, 1983. The brand was developed because people kept misspelling his McElhiney's last name. He kept telling them "It's M, C, E...!!!". The brand has also been referred to as "McE", though it is usually represented in all caps. At the time of the company's inception, McElhiney was attending Turlock High School in California. The company's first client was T.N.T. Productions Disc Jockey Service.

"MCE" was later known as "MCE Webdesign", which was later renamed to "MCE123" when mce123.com was purchased in 2002. The MCE Logo is a separate Copyright held by McElhiney, while it is inclusive of the MCE123 Service Mark. Patrick McElhiney ultimately retains complete control over how the MCE Logo is used, regardless of what happens with the company.

After McElhiney graduated from Turlock High School in 2001, he attended Merced Community College between 2002 and 2004 to study under the Computer Science Associate's degree program, including major studies with the Cisco Systems Regional Network Academy, where he received training in both the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) programs. At the time, wireless internet was only starting to become available.

In 2004, McElhiney changed his major to Business Administration when he began studying at Modesto Junior College, in order to better form the company.

In 2005, McElhiney designed a major news website called Turlock City News, which featured a fully editable online newspaper, business listings, banner advertisements, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and a classified advertisement section. This website was the first that McElhiney designed using a database.

In 2006, McElhiney moved Dover, New Hampshire. He attended college at McIntosh College from 2007 to 2008, and received the Faculty Award for high honors with his Associate's Degree in Business Management. In 2007, McElhiney moved the company to a new house in Barrington, New Hampshire.

In 2008, McElhiney began attending Daniel Webster College for a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management, which he completed in two years.

In 2010, McElhiney began attending Franklin Pierce Law Center, now known as the University of New Hampshire Law School, where he studied Intellectual Property Law. He used his law skills to formulate over 1,000 technological invention concepts based on his backgrounds in Electronics, Physics, Computers, Business, and Marketing.

From 2011 to 2015, McElhiney worked on further development of his company, producing over 20,000 pages of documentation, and over 30 terabytes of data pertaining to MCE123. The documents explain business methods and strategies, invention concepts and the processes used to develop them, and specialized computer software designs - including working through 13 different organizational departments, as he prepared to incorporate MCE123 and take on investors in the future.

In 2016, McElhiney began attending the University of New Hampshire in Manchester for a Master's Degree in Information Technology.

From 2017 to 2018, McElhiney worked on MeAndYou, a social media website concept by Dr. Michael Jonas at UNH Manchester. He has deployed the website on both Windows Server 2008 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) using XAMPP with custom PHP / MySQL / C# Engine / JavaScript / jQuery code that he developed, almost entirely by himself.

About Our Company

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unique products and services in our fields of expertise through cross-marketing research and development.

Vision Statement

We see our company evolving through unique Intellectual Property, used to develop specialized products and services that are consistent with what our customers and stakeholders demand.

Marketing Fundamentals

We study the market for strategic opportunities, to create products and services that help others accomplish their goals. We ultimately define, on a very granular level, everything having to do with our market presence. We have complete control over the outcome of our unique works.

Understanding Our Customer is Our Business

At MCE123, we are constantly improving the processes and methods in which we gather and provide intelligence to industry decision makers, small business owners, and other stakeholders, so you can better make decisions about your purchases and investments with MCE123.

We employ a process of Six Sigma that strives to improve how we operate as a business for our customers' products and services that we produce. We measure our success by how influential we are in the industry. We may even give away valuable Intellectual Property (IP) – to our partners as well as our competitors, because we are planting the seeds for the future growth for our company.

Other firms are unable to compete with our intuition and inventiveness. They join us in our pursuit of providing better quality products and services, and establishing leadership roles within the industries that we supply intelligence to. It isn’t necessarily that we provided the intelligence that made the difference – it’s that another firm, or another individual, can take the intelligence that we develop, and produce something from it – whether it be a product or service, or a process, or possibly an entirely new type of organizational structure or technology. And by the time that happens, we have already invented hundreds or even thousands of other invention concepts.

We oversee 13 separate departments, including 4 different types of organizations, all within the same company. We are overly generous in providing knowledge to the industry, in which we would like to work more closely with in the future to develop better products, services, and processes – whether they be from manufacturing or development environments.

By the time you’re done looking at everything on our website – you'll agree that there is more to view and explore. If you’re not completely satisfied with the viewing of our website, please Contact Us and let us know how we can improve the website, or the content, or our intelligence processes – and we’ll listen to your suggestions, regardless of who you are.

All we ask is that if you use any of our Intellectual Property (IP) in your business, please credit MCE123SM.

© Copyright MCE123 (SM) 1999-2019, All Rights Reserved.

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